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Just being curious, does anyone have piercings/tattoos that they regret?

Well, I have one small tattoo on my stomach which I am thinking about getting covered up, and 2 piercings (lip & navel) navel piercing I love, but my lip, not so much. I've only had it for close to 4 months, and I'm getting it taken out today because I think its stupid now, and for the fact that its been giving me some problems (soreness, tenderness, etc)

When I initially got my lip done, I didn't want a lip ring. I really wanted a Monroe but the piercer was waiting on a jewelery shipment so I just said what the hell. Now, I really really regret ever getting it. While it was cute for the moment, and alot of ppl liked it on me, I just hate it now, and its not worth the pain that comes with it when it starts to show signs of infection all of a sudden.

I'm just mad at myself for not making a rational decision from the jump. So if anybody reads this that doesn't have a tattoo/piercing, or anyone who is thinking about getting more, really think about it beforehand. It's not worth wasting money over only to regret it in the end.


Lol...yeah, my tattoo is my nickname that my dad used to call me when I was little...and I regret it cause no one calls me my nickname I got it cause I thought it was cute. And whenever I go to the beach, ppl always come up to me calling me my nickname. It's so annoying.

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    My first tattoo was on my hip, and I just don't really show it off anymore. I'm keeping it because my dad got it for me, and it was my first tattoo. I truly believe that most people have a moment of doubt about their first tattoos; which is like me now, but I don't regret it.

    The only ones i edo regret are the two I have with a girl i used to be friends with. It was a stupid idea to get a matching tattoo with a friend. Family is ok, they're always gonna be your family.. but friends aren't always going to be your friends.

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    I have 2 stars (on my hip) that I very much regret. I'm getting it removed today (i need to complete atleast 8-12 sessions costing me over a G [$1000]). I got it cause I thought it was cute too, now I'm ashamed of it because it's not who I am.. I really wanted a huge tiger on my back and i should've just stuck with the idea. Those two stars look stupid and although guys tend to compliment alot, I hate it!!! I also had my tongue pierced which I regretted so I took that out also. Piercings are okay because you can take them out whenever, wherever without it being permanent. I've always wanted the monroe piercing too! And yuppp.

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    I have three tattoos, and I'm only eighteen. I had mulled over all my tattoos for months before I got any of them, and hopefully this will help me not regret anything.

    When I was 15, I had a LOT of piercings in my ears, and I eventually ended up taking out a lot of them because they hindered my ability to get a job. I used to have my navel pierced, and I still want my lip pierced, but my job has a "no visible piercings or tattoos" rule, and I don't have the time to wait for the piercing to heal so I can get a retainer.

    Such is the adult life. Funnily enough, you can't legally get a piercing without parental consent until 18 xD

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    The only one I was bummed about is I had my nipples pierced.. They never really healed right- and then once they started healing I had to go into surgery, so they made me take them out- I was mad I spent the money- BUt I want to get them re- done because they looked great in my opinion. Not to excited about taking my top off again thought-- klittle uncomfortable, But other then that no- I LOVE all my tatts and my piercings

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    I have a tattoo on my leg of a big ugly peace sign and i hate it. its terrible looking, but I will not cover it up, its a great example to why young ones should not get tattooed before they're 18. I laso had one of those monroe peicrings on my lep years ago, when I took it out, it left a scar and now it looks like I have one really big pore on my lip. Its aweful, although I loved the peircing, if i had known it would leave the scar, i wouldn't have done it.

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    I wouldn't say regret....but maybe some second thoughts on placement...and obviously after they are on your skin you can't move them.

    My tattoos are all cosmetic (for decoration, not permanent make-up)...except one that means a little something to me. My chest piece is kind of high, when I got it I wanted it to show all the time and not worry about it getting distorted with time and gravity.....well it isn't going to distort, but now I'm a professional and have to dress rather conservative at the office. I still like my chest piece, just in hind sight would of gotten it lower.

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    I have a tattoo on my hip-ish area. lol. And sometimes I regret it because the guy didn't do that great of a ob. but I still love what it means.

    I had my naval pierced and it got tore and infected and I had to take it out, so yeah... I kinda regret that one :P

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    i have seven tattoos, dont regret any of them, but they all have to do with family and my beliefs. ive had my tounge done before and a few other piercings and i didnt fear getting those at all because you can take them out anytime you want and they heal.

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    i have a tattoo and i dont regret it b/c its something that represents who i am. A piercing you can remove it but a tattoo is for life

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    i dont regret any but i regret not being able to add on to them right now. i have a halfsleave around a nautical star on my left shoulder and i have another nautical star on my right shoulder, but i dont have the money to get anything around it so its kinda plain right now. i got both stars at the same time and filled in around the first one about 6 months ago

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