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If you read my other question you will see about my injury i had.On April 14,2008 I tore my patella tendon,dislocated my knee cap,and fractured my tibia and a piece of my bone ripped off.Now im 13 buy im very mature for my age 8).

Okay well back in october i strained my knee .Then in April like i said the real painful injury happened.So that's two injuries.This all happened at my school.So due to my injury i had surgery and i had two pins and a screw put into my knee.From April to August i had a cast from my toes to my groin.So its not late November and im in rehab still.So yesterday im in school right and the kids are fooling around next to me because we were waiting to go into one of my classes.And i said guys please stop i've come a long way.They continued too and this kid trying to be funny came right into my knee and pushed it inward.It doesn't hurt quite that bad but it does hurt.The pain is on my left side of my left knee.Like i said im real mature for my age and im pretty sure its my MCL (Medial Collateral Liament).But if it is its only a strain because i can walk but it hurts.Before it happened i was walking okay without a cane now i have to walk with a cane again.This has been three accidents and im fed up!Im so sick of my school they dont't care i keep getting hurt well they do but they don't take the action they're supposed to take and while the kids were fooling around being loud the teachers were right there and didn't tell them to stop.So me and my mom called Jacobe and Meyers and they said they couldn't help because I go to a catholic school.So we are really upset about that but we are going to call injury helpline because ive been through so much pain! It still bothers me like everyone says it will and gives me pain.And no money can't take away the injury but it can be a good thing that came out of my injury.Im not greedy but i just want to know around how much money can be made out of this case.Thanks guys =[

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    You don't have any rights. You're 13 ( or are you 8? It's tough to tell from your post). It is your parent's responsibility to care for you and make sure that your rights are protected. It sounds like you can't find an attorney to take the case so that means there might not be any money to be made.

    I feel bad for you, but don't be thinking that everytime something bad happens you should be able to sue.

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