need real computer help!?

my computer was working fine then one morning i turn it on and something is wrong. its a black screen with one single flashing line at the left hand corner. so i took out my old hard drive and put in a new one and reinstalled windows, and now it finallly works but its now saying i have no internet connection or network adapter.?? any suggestions


how do i check my drivers?

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    you put in a blank hard drive... and put in a blank copy of windows.

    you don't need to check drivers... because you don't have any

    basically..any hardware device is going to need new drivers.

    if it's a dell, or hp or other big box company go to their site, and support section, find your model, and get network, graphics, sound, drivers... basically. get drivers for everything.

    if it's not a big name co. you'll need to know what kind of nic card you have. then go search for that specific nic cards drivers.

    if you get back to the internet. windows update..sometimes has batch drivers for certain MS products... mouse, keyboard, mic, usb drivers etc. might be good to check there

    if your computer came with install disks. network disk, mobo disk graphics card install disks.. etc. try finding drivers from those.

    start>run> dxdiag will give you media info. driver and system information. to help in finding the specific components you have...and need to find drivers for.

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    Check your drivers.

    Go to Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager

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    You may have to install drivers for your network adapter. You will need to download the .exe files from another computer and install them on this computer.

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