Switching majors as a Junior in college?

I am currently a junior attending sfsu as a history major and I am having second thoughts about it. I am considering switching to business or civil engineering now. I know that I may have to take some other lower division courses but will that make it more difficult for me to switch? I have yet to speak to my advisor, but since I am just considering the fact of switching, I'd like some more input from others. So my main question is, since history is pretty much unrelated to engineering and business, will I get denied from being able to switch to those majors?


Carrie N says "You cannot get into an engineering graduate program with a history major. You would not have fulfilled the prerequisites of any engineering school. To get into an engineering school you must take advance math courses up to differential equations and advanced physics



You can always take those classes at the school anyway right?

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    Be sure to take the general education courses before changing majors. And do your research to see if business or engineering are really something you want to do. There are so many options out there but there are even more ways to waste money. You are in control of your education so you should be able to switch to whatever major you so please. good luck!

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    Well, the obvious answer is to speak with your adviser. However, I strongly doubt if you'd have any problem switching majors. People do it all the time. Be aware that for engineering, there are a lot of prerequisite courses that you wouldn't have had, so you may end up staying in school for an extra year or so.

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    You should be able to switch anytime you want. You just have to spend a little more time in school to get the credits you need for business or civil engineering. I would think that most of the general education requirements would still be applicable even if you changed majors.

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    I say get your history degree.... it will serve you well and it will save you money and keep you on track. THEN, go back to school and get your masters in civil engineering. Those are two very interesting and not entirely incompatible fields.


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    challenge your self to excel. With a math degree you're able to do something you like. no depend what you do in life anybody will hire you in case you have a mastery of math. difficult it out. you are attempting to placed up roadblocks on your fulfillment, end college in spite of in case you do unlike your classes, take electives that pastime you, graduate and initiate your life.

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    i dont see why u would. but its gonna take you twice as long to finish. since your going to have to start "all over."

    but i wouldnt blame you for switchin. theres nothing to do with a history major except for a history teacher. i think.

    good luck

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    i don't see any reason why you would be "denied" a new major...you'll probably just end up being a super super super super senior, with lots of debt...

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