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What do you think of this?

recipe I found it online and thought it looked good. I was asked to bring deviled eggs to our families Thanksgiving dinner. So here's the recipe what do you think of it?


xXxEunichornxXx- I wasn't asking your opinion on wether or not I should eat meat. If you don't eat meat fine. But please don't reply to my question then. Because we are very much meat eaters. Thanks

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  • Waldo
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    Yumm, that looks so good.

    I favorited it, I think I'll make those for christmas.

    Thank-you, and happy thanksgiving.

  • OMG am I invited? Those look amazing! I may need to whip some up!

  • i love deviled eggs. this one sounds pretty good.

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    Sounds delicious. And it isn't overly complicated.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it is nothing more than the merciless slaughter of pigs to feed your selfish desier to eat and eat and eat.

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