Is it okay to use “vicks vapor rub” or lay on your stomach while pregnant?

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    it is NOT okay to lay on your stomach or back while pregnant. they say its ok until it feels uncomfortable, which should be around 15wks depending on your size. i recieved an e-mail to avoid laying flat on back because the vain that pulls loses its blood flow when it is fulling stretch out. thats why it is better to stay crunched by laying on your side. if you just end up laying on your back on stomach when you wake up i suggest you buy a maternity pillow or just buy more pillows and put them around you so that you dont end up that way and the pillows will help you stay in that postion.

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    I'm not sure about vicks vapor rub, but my doctor said I could use shower soothers which have a minty vapor to them. Its a tablet you put in the shower while you shower. Take deep breaths while you shower, through your nose if you can, it should help clear your sinuses.

    Laying on your stomach is ok until about 20 weeks, but I have been told that you'll get uncomfortable sleeping like that before you get to 20 weeks. I try not to sleep on my stomach (I'm 16 weeks), but I catch my self in the middle of the night. You should sleep on your left side.

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    I used Vick's while pregnant it was the only relief I could get when I was pregnant and had a bad cold & cough. It is not a good idea to lay on your stomach, either side or on your back only. If you happen to roll over onto your stomach, no big deal, but try avoid putting that kind of pressure on your belly, not good for circulation. Use pillows in between your legs or to your sides for support.

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    Vicks Vapor rub is fine to use on yourself while pregnant, but you're not supposed to use it on infants under 3 months. Laying on your stomach is okay too, although eventually it will be uncomfortable.

    Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    As far as the vicks on am not sure. But laying on your stomach will get uncomfortable. That is one thing I have missed being able to do.

  • It says on the bottle not to use when pregnant. But on this chart: it says it is fine.

    As for laying on your belly you are more likely to cause yourself discomfort then the baby.

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