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How does this sound to you?

when you listen to that, how does it make you feel or think?

Does it make you see things from a different perspective and when the song says 'every star in this whole universe' what does that cancel out?

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    That was a beautiful song: It made me feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders...that's how most of the spirited songs I listen to make me feel.

    Every believer in The Heavenly Father, calls Him by a different Name.

    Whatever happens in our lives...Our Father Knows.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I was more impressed with Malcombe McDowell as Caligula Caesar who said "I existed before the first star shone in the night, and will continue to exist after the last star falls from heaven. Although I have taken the form of Caius Caligula, I am no man as I am every man. Therefore, I am a god!"

    I liked that better than this "every star in the whole universe" BS.

    As William Blake said "He whose face does not give light shall never become a star!"

    You question concerns "feelings" and "speculations" which are totally irrelevant when faced with COLD HARD reality, the world of FACT.

    When people ask "What do you think about Bush [or Jesus, or Islam or Elvis or Britney Spears or Scientology]?" they are more concerned with feelings, emotions, ideas and are hardly concerned if my feelings or thoughts have any real world relevance, or instead is just mere uneducated opinion without a shred of evidence in support---hence irrational.

    Big deal! I think you are trying to start a fight, rather than any genuine concern with my emotional or mental state at this time. But thanks for asking. It is now far worse than it was before wasting time on this one.

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    Sebastian=HUNK Cade sounds attractive too Jackson may be a reputation that I uncover lovely Royce & Jace= homosexual sounding (no offense to any individual with that title!) it is whatever approximately the "ce" sound on the finish of the ones 2. All of the others are simply usual/in among for me. But that is simply my opinion lol

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    I believe there is one creator called by many names and worshiped the way they were taught to worship or find the truth within their own beliefs as many Christians or non-Christians do. I believe no one was left out. Overall it was a song for all who believe that the Great One sees and knows all.

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    I listened to about 2 seconds of it

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    Nah, I do not do the youtube thing. If you have a point to make, make it in text.

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    I didnt hear a thing.

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    Sounds like libelous propaganda.

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