Is this some kind of Disorder? Helllllllp?

Well Im in my late 20's and for the life of me there's a lot of things i don't understand about my mother. She tend to play a lot and i do mean a lot. Like for example she'll swing a knife in my face and say I'll cut you, now even though she's just playing I feel that, that's not the proper way to play with anyone, so when i get mad she then get mad and says that i just have and attitude problem and she's not going to play with me anymore. Of this reminds me of how children acts, but what can i do. I don't play with her like that at all. Then when one of my friends come around her she'll make a comment, in front of them by saying nicole (which is me) knows I'll beat her a**. So at this point I have to get offensive because she trying to show out in front of my friends to the point where i just leaves her house and not come back for a couple of days.. It's crazy I mean she's able to say and do what she want to me and im not suppose to say anything, even though im grown but because she's my mother. I have boundaries but she doesn't. She just act like a kid to me. And it seems as if im the mother and she's the child. Then sometimes she roll her eyes and pout like a kid. I don't know what all of this is about but im tired of it to the point where i don't want to be around her or even talk to her when she calls, its that bad.

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    She is out of line! I would be scared if I were you. She must have some underlying issues that need to be resolved. Stand up for yourself. Just because she is your mom doesn't mean she can treat you like that.

    Source(s): My mom is crazy too.
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    Did your mom have you when she was young, as it seems kinda weird that she is acting out like this. If she had you young then she is reverting back because you are grown now and she doesn't have to be a mom. She is acting more like a crazy sister. Maybe she is on drugs or maybe alcoholic she thinks she playing but you don't want it to turn into an accident where you do get hurt. Talk to her tell her she is acting like a 15yr old and its not cool or funny. My mom started going out and partying when my youngest sister turned 18. She had a nervous breakdown a year later but she had my oldest sister young and was a single mother so once my youngest sister was old enough she let her young self come out my mom was just as embarassing when people were around to the point where I will NEVER live with her again dont let it get to the point where you dont talk to her as she might need help.

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    Your mother's behaviour doesn't strike me as appropriate for an adult (and for a mother). If you're in your twenties, you likely aren't going to live with your mother for a whole lot longer. Try and talk to her about it and explain that you find her behaviour offensive and embarrassing. If this doesn't help, try and be understanding and patient and perhaps explain to your friend's that this is just the way your mother behaves! Good luck!

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    Get away from her and let her know that you would talk to her when she grow up :()

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    Wow, you have a playful mother.. Lucky i think..

    She treat you like her friend..

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