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the other day in class me and my friend were just asking some guy some study questions...so there was this one guy looks at that guy and goes 'how come u help them out (meaning me and my friend) but never help us??'...and that guy's friend goes (softly but we cud hear) 'coz we dont wear tight jeans'...why make a comment like that?? what did he mean by that?


just to be clear this comment was not passed by the guy who was helping us...it was said by a friend of the guy who was all like 'why dont u help us and all'

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    I'll refer to the boys as the helper guy, the jerk, and his friend the pig.

    The jerk was perhaps just good-naturedly tweaking the helper guy's nose about helping you two girls. A mild suggestion that the helper guy isn't an angel, just overcome by girls paying attention to him (if he's a dweeb...) or on the make (if he's got prospects...). I suggest "good-naturedly" as usually guys in a public setting don't offer much up close and personal tutoring to other boys NOR do the other boys want it! The homo thing, you know. Most would just be uneasy about the physical circumstances, a study hall kind of requires closeness to keep voices down to disturb others' studies as little as possible. Not teenage boy-boy friendly behavior, eh? Natural though for teenage boy-girl-girl closeness.

    Though the jerk might also be much closer to a jerk than that, especially if he and the helper guy don't usually get along well. Since he would, in such a case, not have the least expectation of, or desire for, help from the helper guy, he'd be hammering at the helper guy from a position of "strength" as there'd be no real defense for the helper guy in the terms of engagement the jerk has defined.

    The pig though, he's a pig either way, and a jerk too if the jerk is being completely a jerk, not just teasing the helper guy. A pig because he is slandering the two of you girls in his effort to pile onto the helper guy. Slandering how? The same way a guy is slandering you when he talks to your ti... er, chest, or calling you slags, or talking about catching some quiff and having some fun with it being clear the exact quiff doesn't matter because the girl it's in doesn't matter, just the quiff. So he's a pig. I'll admit, he probably didn't think it out and DECIDE to class you as just body parts and potential sex acts, but he did it nonetheless. He's a jerk to the extent that he was willing to casually harm you in order to harm someone else. You don't matter at all to him, you see, you're just collateral damage as he went after the target his friend was going after. And the more jerkish his friend was, the more he painted himself with that brush just by piling in.

    So I'm saying:

    1) The helper guy is probably A-OK. Even if his motivations for helping you were largely informed by liking girls in general, liking close heads and soft voices with girls in general, liking girls in general thinking him a good guy, rather than an interest in helping you because you needed help or because he felt those things about one of you in particular, he's still a pretty decent seeming guy.

    2) The jerk might have just been teasing the helper guy. If so, he's probably OK in general, assuming he didn't carry it too far. If his tone was not teasing so much as insulting, then he's a flat jerk. If teasing, he probably would be reasonably decent to socialize with.

    3) The pig is a jerk and a pig. Stay clear of him. Your private moments with him would be very public. Pics and notes would be public too. And you'd be history once he got the sex he wanted or he realized he wouldn't get it. Any boy-girl niceness he ever showed you would have nothing really to do with you, it'd just be a chore he had to go through to get the good stuff. He won't get better with age and will never be more mature than convicted rapist Mike Tyson. Avoid him and boys like him.

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    I dnt know thats kinda insulting I guess, to who I don't quite know. I would say to u and your friend and the other guys who didnt get help.

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    Its just guys being guys. His mate is helpin you and your friend out, and his just havin a go at his mate.

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