How does one get into a store-level loss prevention/asset protection job?

I am interested in a store-level loss prevention job (such as a store dectective, LP agent, asset protections officer, etc) but have no clue as how to get one. I have no former experience in LP, but I have experience in retail.

I currently work at Kmart as a cashier/electronics associate... if I were to ask the manager about moving into LP, how would I do this? If had to look for outside employment, with no past experience in LP, how could do that?


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    Well if you wanna work LP at your current store then just ask em if they need an LP. Then ask the stores district loss prevention agent. They will be able to tell you if that site needs it or not, stores like that are cheap and they usually dont care about losing a few things. But chances are that the LP agent can tell you where you can go for the training. I've worked security and it looks good to have a guard card, then get your LP training done. Some places will tell you that it costs you 200$-500$ bucks, which in some cases is true. But ir your company has their own LP training sevices you can get it for free, if not, and they contract which im pretty sure K-Mart does, then it will cost ya. A good way to get it free is to be employed by a large security company cuz they usually have someone who is certified to provide LP training and they wont charge their own employees to go through the course, which is only 2-3 days anyway. Good Luck.

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    first of all you must have a clean record that means know felonys. i dont think you need a license that is a security license. so then you should talk the man incharge of sercurity.good luck.

    Source(s): i was store security for caldor corp.before they went out of buisness
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