Cats: How i can keep out one of my wife Cats out of my room?

My wife loves cats we have 3on the house one still keep going into my office i tried cat spray repellents they dont work also trying saying no to him and put it outside. He just keep coming and sitting on the couge and stuff and i am alergic. My wife probably dump me if i touch one of the cats.


no door :(

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    You know what, cats usually hate lemon, organ, mint and etc. I put some lemon oil in the carpet and the wall around my bedroom, then she never comes to me bedroom for 3 months. Just find out what kinda of smell your cat hates. I also use lemon smell air refresher everyday.=] Candle, refresher work good too. My mon boils fresh lemon in a pot of water and put it in her kitchen, the smell just makes the cat not coming in the kitchen again.

  • jue7rc
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    Pet Safe Freedom Fence do a portable "fence" which is more like a frizbee which you place in the area you don't want the cat to go. The cat must wear a collar which beeps when it gets into the zone. If it carries on into the zone then eventually it will get a small static correction. I know this sounds dreadful and your wife will almost certainly be against the idea at first but I promise you that after 2 "corrections" your cat will not enter the room. After one of our beloved cats was killed outside our house in a very quiet country lane, we had a Freedom Fence installed completely around our boundary. It has been the best thing I ever did as I now know exactly where our cats are and that they are safe but still enjoying the fresh air and country atmosphere as they were intended to do.

    Edit - This is the same fence that "Mightysquirrel" is talking about. I'm so glad that not everyone thinks I abuse my cats! In actual fact it is not as expensive as you would think. To do my whole boundary (about an acre) was £800 including fitting and 4 collars (the collars cost £90 each) so the small portable machine should not cost anything near as much as that.

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    If you can install a screen door on the door frame, that is used by many feline rescues who want to close off rooms but still have the cats seem not to be 'contained'.

    I think this would work for you--it keeps the cat out at least.

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    Just keep the door shut.

    Beyond that, they do make something called "invisible fence". The cat wears a collar and can't cross the doorway you set it up in. A family friend used this successfully to keep their cats out of a room, but I don't think it's cheap. Some people will flip that it's cruel, but I don't see how it is - the power of the shock is adjusted to the size of the cat.

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    We bought a decorative wooden screen door, removed the fine mesh screening and put on quarter inch screen that is called "hardware cloth" to maintain the air circulation. (If you're not "handy", the place where you buy the door can do it for you.) Does it look "odd"? I suppose it does, but it's my house and my cat and I consider it to be what my grandkids call a "nunya" (Nun -ya-business) if someone were to ask---which, in five years, they have not. There are no cat hairs on my bed and no dog hairs, either. You gotta look out for yourself! Good luck!

  • John L
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    Put up a door like a bi-fold door or a gate. Thats not hard to do. You better adapt to the situation or your wife will take you to the pound.

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    ah, I love it! Cats! They instinctively know who doesn't like cats and/or are allergic and they pester them nonstop.

    Keep the door closed. That's the only way you're going to keep the cat out.

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    well cats are very annoying i agree but i think mabey to keep him out of your office you could put some some sort Of cat treat that your cat like in a different room and gate him or her out:] hope that helped a little

    Source(s): i used to have a cat
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    If you are allergic, you need to make a decision. Stand up to your wife and explain that these cats are making you ill. If you think that you can get along with just one cat, then tell her that she needs to get rid of two. If you really can not tollerate them at all, she needs to get rid of all of them. Seems to me that she needs to understand that this allergie can become very serious.=

  • Minxie
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    Do you have a door? I'd keep the door shut.

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