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which workout should i add shoulders and traps with?

mon=chest n triceps(bench,press ups, dips, flys..........

wed=legs(squats,lunges,stiff deads........

fri=back, biceps n forearms (deads, rows, pull ups, chins.......

not sure becuz trying to avoid any crossover of muscle groups n overtraining, getting plenty of rest etc


av been doin shoulders and traps as a separate 4th workout, but want to move to 3 splits per week, for shoulders and traps i do things like shrugs, lat raises, gorilla/military press, clean n jerks, upright rows, rear flys etc

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    If you want 3 days a week I would suggest moving biceps and forearms to Monday and add shoulders to Friday. I do 4 days a week and breaks it down into chest, arms, back and shoulders, and legs. That seems to work very well for me.

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    Traps are part of the back (think middle traps, not just upper traps), so that should fit in just fine on Friday. You then could add shoulders to Monday. This pretty much gives you a push-pull split with legs in the middle.

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