Lastolite Ezybox 38cm x 38 cm kit - IS IT WORTH IT?

I am learning a lot and very fast. A few photographers recommended me to buy the Lastolite Ezybox 38cm for my Nikon Sb-900 foe off camera flash. I do a lot of baby photography and weddings. Is it worth buying and using? I am thinking of buy another Nikon Sb-900(one foe the camera and one off camera attached to the Ezybox). what are your thoughts on this? Is it all really worth it?

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  • Jt C
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    1 decade ago
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    Its not a bad light modifier but you may find you get the results you want easier and cheaper with other things. If you really want to learn to use your camera speedlights ( and the SB-900 is an excellent speedlight with lots of capability ) I would suggest going to and going through the lighting 101 section. It will describe alot of the options in detail. also Nikon just came out with a new DVD on the creative lighting system and how to use it that is in the stores now

    Before you buy another speedlight what camera do you havve. The on camera speedlight on many Nikons ( but not all ) can be set as the commander for wireless use of other speedlights such as the SB600, SB800 or SB 900. I thought I remembered you saying the D300 in an earlier question but with oldtimers disease I could be wrong. If this is true then your camera can be the commander for off camera operation right now and you if you do not need the power of the SB900 look at other nikon CLS speedlights. You may get more flexibility out of buying a couple SB600s instead of one more SB900.

    I hope this helps

    Once you know what you want to do then you can decide how best to do it.

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