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My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday?

so he gave me a note at school and i didn't read it until later when i was at a basketball game. anyways, the note said that he just wants to be friends because we hardly ever see eachother or hang out. (by the way im homeschooled so i only see him after school and on weekends.) so i talked to him online last night and i told him that this is going to be really hard for me because he was my first real boyfriend and my first kiss. i really love him and he has told me that he loves me. i really want to be more than friends but i don't know what to do! please help me. and if i could get some answers before 1:00 that would be great because i have to see him today.


ok im only 13 people and so is he. were not even in high school yet.

Update 2:

ok now i really need help!!! now he's going out with my best friend!!! can this day get any worse???

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    You see him after school and weekends? I wish I got to see my boyfriend that much!

    You're seeing him as much as you can, I don't understand what he wants from you?

    Perhaps when you see him you should ask him how he wants to see you more? (But then again, it could just be an excuse for him to break up with you)

    The only thing you can really do is talk to him.

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    Ok, I honestly don't understand these people who want to "stay friends" after they dump you, like wtf?

    I would tell him you are not interested for now and that you think it's better you just stay away from each other. You are too vulnerable now to be friends with a guy who just broke your heart, especially first boyfriends. He's an *** he shouldn't be playing with your mind like that.

    I would advise you to not speak to him for a long time, until you know you have NO feelings for him, basically when you can look back on the relationship and laugh. Enjoy being single, before you know it another guy will come along!

    : ) goodluck!

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    I know it's going to be hard, but the best thing to do is accept it. You are young, it was a good learning experience. Thi relationship hs given you skills you need to keep other relationships going. As they say, there are other fish in the sea. Little relationships like this are very important in social developement. Go out there and flaunt what you got girl!

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    He gave you a note at school, but you guys only see each other after school and on weekends because you're home schooled?

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    okay first off dont be too available for him that's the first sign a guy look at a girl to see if you r desperate for love girl...... just let it go everyone knows that 1st love dont last.. my 1st love doesn't last for like a month there other guy you might wanna speak to and get to know them ask questions on the phone maybe hang out YOUR YOUNG!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE dont let a guy hurt your feelings YOU TOO FLY FOR THIS S#*%

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    He was your first bf??? ok well this is how i see it, hes a guy like

    me and ive been threw this stuff. he see's other girls and either

    wants to be with them or he wants to hook up with them. so i

    really dont think you should stay with him cuz hes not gonna be

    a good guy for you. cuz later on its just gonna hurt worse cuz he'll

    do it again. just still be cool with him and dont get mad at him

    but still hang out and act like nothings wrong. but you could try

    to talk to him but thats up to you. im just saying he doesnt sound good.

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    You love, you learn, you move on. The fact that he is your first boyfriend carries alot of sentimentality for you. However, he isn't the only guy out there... If something like not seeing you can make him break up with you, then he isn't worth it. Don't worry - there are guys out there for whom something like time and homeschooling wouldn't be an obstacle!

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    You are still in high school. There are plenty of guys out there. You will have first with them and you will probably get your heart broken again. You might even break some hearts

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    Sorry you are hurt hun. But dont let it bother you, your young and your going to date many more people. When you see him just say hey and act like everything is cool, you guys can still be friends. You dont have to hang around him, but let him know your ok, which you are :)

    be strong

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    I think if he truly loved you he would want to be with you no matter what and would make a good effort to do so. However it's really your decision so I can't judge. Hope i hepled in the least. good luck

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