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What size do songs have to be,(off limewire), so that i don't get a virus on my computer?

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    Despite downloading songs being highly illegal, the average size for a song is around 2000kb+. Make sure it is in mp3, or WAV format.

    If your not sure about a file, then use virustotal to test files, it scans with over 20 different anti-virus's and is the best way to test files smaller than 20mb.


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  • S x
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    anyone smart enough to code a virus, is smart enough to trick limewire into showing you whatever file size they want

    as a general rule... a song should be a certain size. 3MB or so. if the file says... "hot new song to steal blah blah blah" and is only 300KB consider it a virus.

    if you download a song...and when you open it and nothing happens. that's probably a virus. if you open it. and it tries to download something. that's probably a virus. if you open it, and images flicker across your screen. that's probably a virus.

    play on limewire at your own risk.

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    It doesnt matter anymore, any size can come rigged with a virus... The only way you can tell is if you are downloading and you click to preview it and it doesnt play, but all the others do, it means that one is rigged, so get rid of it.. be sure to have a good antivirus with Auto-Protect on it to detect it before it goes into your computer :)

  • M&M
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    When you download files scan them with your antivirus before doing anything with them to make sure they aren't bad.

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  • Manuel
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    i will do these because isn't illegal and i kind a like you. you don't want virus right? ok.

    promisse you tell me about it ok?


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