Homework help , Bouyancy?

A question about a hot air balloon involving density and bouyancy.

The balloon rises upwards into the upper atmosphere where air is less dense.What effect will this have on the ability of the balloon to float upwards? Explain.

My answer: It will not have any effect as pressure difference, above and bellow the balloon will say the same as the balloon has a fixed size. As boiuyance is created by pressure difference above and below the balloon as:

Pressure = density x graviational field strenght x height

even as the desity lowers above as does the density below, in proportion - same with height.

Something on those lines ?

Am i right?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    The balloon floats because the pressure within the bag is less than the external pressure. As the external pressure drops, the pressure within the bag will also decrease as volume remains constant. However, the pressure difference can be maintained so the balloon should be able to float up just as easily.

    Do you need to consider ambient temperature?

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