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ive been having discharge for about 2 years, but i dont have my period, when will i get it?

im 12 years old,

and ive had discharge for almost 2 or 2 1/2 years now.

its still whitish clear, but i want to know when im going to get it.

any time soon?


well veronica,

i am turning 13 in a couple months .

so its okay .

Update 2:

i asked my mom once.

but she didnt give much info.

and she didnt really explain to me anything.

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    well u hav

    e 2 get cramps first and brown discharge instead of white and then u will start soon and do not worry people fake their age 2 get on this like me lol not me seriously and trust me they r no fun and are painful

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    you're probable like me. i could have discharge, and ultimately have been given my era for below an afternoon. 2 years later, comparable element. 2 years later comparable element. I asked a gynocologist at age sixteen approximately delivery administration because of the fact at age sixteen I had ultimately gotten a heavy era (after praying and begging for it to come again...super mistake) and it regulated my era. i'm off them now and that's unusual back. do no longer enable your friends make you sense surpassed over for no longer having it; I enable that ensue and could lie approximately having one. in the event that they supply you a no longer common time merely tell them that's one much less mess to freshen up! Take a while, there is not any longer something incorrect with it coming later on your teenager years. (:

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    I think that might be a question for your mom hon.

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    Wow, that veronica chick has issues...

    Anyway, you'll probably get it in the next month or so.

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