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went to see cardilogist had an egk done,haulter monitor done,and a ultra sound to look at my heart?

they said it was normal besides the face that i have palps,which means my heart skips beats,and im thinking that could be from smoking,cause i am a smoker,if everything is normal with my heart,then why do i have chest pains just about every night?? my family thinks its anxiety,cause i have days where my heart pounds out of my chest and i think its a heart attack when its not,im only 21 years old,and they say my heart is normal.... so whats up with the heart beating fast sometimes and chest pains?? any info on this would be great! thanks... oh and one more question,they want to do a stress test on me,but it cost alot of money... how important is a stress test???

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    Before you even wrote anything about anxiety, I could see you were an anxious person by the way you write...a stream of consciousness, going from topic to topic without punctuation or capitalization. It makes me anxious reading it. You probably get that reaction from people with whom you meet face-to-face too.

    A lot of medical dollars are spent re-assuring the worried well that they are in fact fine. A stress test on a 21 year old is probably not money well spent, especially if you checked out with the other studies. Of course it is your choice but if you were a family member, I would not recommend it.

    That said, the very best thing you can do for your health is to get rid of the cigarettes. Do whatever it takes but get rid of them. Your health and quality of life will be dramatically downgraded by continuing to smoke cigarrettes.

    The next best thing you can do is to get a handle on your anxiety. Daily vigorous exercise (30 minutes of breathing hard and sweating), eating well, avoiding excessive alcohol (>2 drinks daily) and drugs (worsens anxiety after the effect wears off), and avoiding stimulants (cold medicine and caffeine) will all go a very long way toward helping. You may also want to buy or borrow some books from the library on learning and employing self-relaxation technques. These skills will help you for a lifetime.

    As far as the palpations and chest pain, this is commonly associated with anxiety attacks. Address the anxiety as I suggest above and the symptoms with either resolve or improve significantly.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

    Source(s): Medical provider - cardiology and emergency background
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    They never do an ultrasound before about 20 weeks, unless there are complications or they think you might be carrying multiples. Most insurances will only pay for one ultrasound a pregnancy unless there are problems. They can't do any determinations of the babies health and if there are problems, such as spina bifida and such before 20 weeks. So if you are only allowed on ultrasound, there would be no point and could make things more difficult if you did it so early. They teypically look for the heart beat at around 10 weeks with a dopplar in the office. I am pregnant with twins and they just check every visit and measure the heat rate. If you want more than the one ultrasound ask your doctor to have one ordered and tell him/her that you will pay for it. I know in Tucson there is a place that you can just make an appointment to do an ultrasound, no doctor needed, it is 158 dollars and you could do one every day if you so wished. Ask about something like that. Good lcuk.

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