Is it possible for a phone to ring if it's dead?

I called my bf and his phone was bringing on my end but he's trying to tell me his phone was dead. Now he's trying to say it is possible for a phone to ring if it's dead. I don't believe it but maybe I'm wrong.


Also ne that it has NEVER done that before.

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, if the phone is dead, HE won't hear it ring...because the battery is DEAD.

    You hear ringing, but that's not HIS PHONE you hear. It's a circuit at a switching office. That circuit is sending a signal to his phone to tell it to ring, but it doesn't know (or care) if his phone is alive and ringing or not. If no one answers, it goes to voice mail. Or it just pees on ringing until the switch cuts the circuit.

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  • If the number is still in service, it will ring on your end. If his battery is dead, it's not going to ring on his end. A dead phone doesn't put the phone out of service, although you should get a message that the number is not available.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes, because what you hear ringing is not actually his phone. E.g., if he had a ring tone, you wouldn't hear that. It's just the phone company's way of telling you they're trying to find him.

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  • K7B2La
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    1 decade ago

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