im 17 and i never had a boyfriend..?

i am 17, and i never had a boyfriend, held hands with a guy, danced with a guy, or kissed a guy...i am not ugly, and i am fun to be with and have a good personality. people always tell me im pretty, people i dont even know. i dress well, and im nice and fun..the only guys that have liked me are ugly and i do NOT like them..i am really depressed because i feel i will never find anyone. i know there isnt anything wrong with me because i see girls that arent pretty or fun but have boyfriends..I AM NOT ARROGANT! and i wonder why i dont have feels like there is something wrong with me..why cant cute guys talk to me? there is this one guy in my class who i am CRAZY about..and he might have a girlfriend..i have had crushes before but not like this. i am obsessed with this guy and i really really like him..for the first time i am trying to talk to him and get to be his friend..but im scared he has a girlfriend..and i really wish he didnt..because i really think he could be my first boyfriend..if we got to know friend who spoke to him said he is a lot like me..

i really am scared to talk to him incase he already has a girlfriend. im really jealous of her and i feel really sad that i cant be his girlfriend. im trying SO hard to forget him but i cant stop thinking about him. its really hurting me...what should i do?


please dont say 'youre so young dont worry!' because i still feel depressed..

i know i am young but i want a boyfriend now. why cant it happen? ithappens to almost everyone!! :(

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    cmon stop being depressed,

    enjoy life,your life is not empty without having b.f

    and there r so many good looking guys in india,also in your city so just be patience,

    right now u need to spend more time with ur family and friends,so u dont think much abt having b.f

    well i wont say you are young blah blah,i am guy and yes i was also like you when i was 16-17,i was like crazy abt girls

    later i felt its my hormones which drove me crazy

    i beleive its also same in ur case ,so be cool and dont worry ,you have lot of time to find the right guy

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    I know exactly how you feel... Seeing as I went through the same thing in high school. I asked both of my dates to prom, always went to "get a drink of water" during the slow dances in high school... i also felt like i was just as pretty, outgoing, attractive etc. as the other girls in high school and wondered what was wrong with me. Then I went to college... and wow! Huge confidence booster, suddenly guys (that I was attracted to) were showing interest in me, and I'm sure your time will come. There's nothing wrong with you, but you might just have to be patient for a while. Dating is all about taking risks, so go ahead and talk to the guy you like so you can stop wondering. You've got nothing to lose. Good luck.

  • I had a few casual disasters before i was 17 years old, then after 6 months of nothing met my partner now. He was older than me and we just reached 7 years together. Someone will appear when you least expect it ;)

    (Most boys/men like the idea you haven't been around the block a few times, it shows that you have depth and meaning, it is only a positive thing, trust me! And when you meet someone it will be so special and you will be glad it happened then and not earlier in your life)

    Why not just ask this boy if he wants to go somewhere with you one night after school as a friend then you could break the ice and maybe ask him if he is seeing anyone. He will most likely love to, boys are just as shy even though they dont seem it.


    Source(s): I think some people answering this question need to grow up! She is not arrogant, she is trying to fill you in the whole picture and give you information to give her a good answer.. talk about arrogant!!
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    Just find out from one of his friends if he has a gf.

    Besides that: RELAX. It's ok. You'll find the right guy eventually. Most importantly though, whether you agree or not, you sound very arrogant. It's easy for YOU to say that you are fun and have a good personality. But then, if that were true, wouldn't guys be all over you.

    Step back and lower your standards a bit. You don't have to date your supercrush all the time. Date the guys that like you. WHo knows? You might end up liking them back. At worst, you gain experience from the date and tell them that it "was fun, but I don't think it can happen."


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  • You can not stay with this man he already has a girlfriend and that is not true.

    You're choosing very men, it will continue well be alone.

    Just as you think some ugly men for you, that you want to find you ugly for them.

    Beauty is not very important in the relationship, the important thing is love, love and respect.

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    Well for starters not liking a guy because he is ugly wont get you very far! that's just shallow and you need to grow out of that, personality counts more than looks unless you want to be involved with a self conceited horrible little boy!

    You also seem to think a lot about yourself! maybe thats why guys dont like you!

  • Anonymous
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    Your 17 which means that you will be 18 soon which means you will be able to go to college. College is such a different experience. I know at seventeen it seems like you need to base your self esteem and self worth over what a boy think about you. Work your hardest at school right now, spend time with your friends and go to College and have a BLAST! Trust me High School is NOTHING compared to the guys that you will meet in college! Never settle sweetie!

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    I feel exactly the same, weird huh! the way I think about it is...maybe I am not suppose to have one right now so I just keep telling myself that my time will come and maybe it isn't now. So you got to be patient, some things are meant to be. Just keep telling yourself, your time will come, because it will! Everybody's life is different and sometimes many things that you think that should happen dont, thats how the cookie crumbles in my opinion. Just be patient haha

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    Omg girl everything you said i totally agree! im tired of waiting too i've been waiting too long and its not fair that other girls are getting boyfriends like the snap of my finger. I know beggars cant be choosers but i want at least a cute guy to talk to me too. When a i guy gets at me they are not cute so i know how you feel im tired of being alone too =[

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    look im gone be honest with you i know its rough like that but you still have to be happy with your a 17 year old boy and i never had a girlfriend i can get any girl but i jus never had one..and thats 100% real my mom always telling me to stop driving aroudn town in my truck and just go look for a girl but sometime i just like chillin i like to have a girlfriend its just hard..

    but hey if you wanna talk some just hit me up or give me your myspace and i can add ya...and we can be friends ..but i hope you find a boyfriend ya

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