What does "Nature of business" mean? Writing a report about a local grocery store...Easy 10 pts!!?

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What does "Nature of business" mean? Writing a report about a local grocery store...
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it describes what type of business it is and also why things happen at that business. For example, if you owned a ski shop and during the summer your sales are almost nothing, people would say that it's because it's the "nature of the business" to explain why their sales are so slow in July. In a grocery store, you would want to add extra cashiers during certain periods of the day (like right after work) because it's the "nature of the business" to be busier when people are on their way home and stop to pick up food for dinner.

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really descriptive answer!! thanks a bunch to you and everybody else =)
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  • TheOnlineManual.com answered 5 years ago
    Nature of the business means what type of business is it. The nature of a local grocery store is a food retailer store.
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  • cutegurlz answered 1 month ago
    How about if the we want to open up a laundry and cafeteria shop, what is the nature of it?
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  • George answered 2 months ago
    If you want to open a school then the nature is education
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  • jigfam answered 5 years ago
    What sort of business is it?
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  • jonboy_is answered 5 years ago
    the nature of business in a local grocery store is sale of grocery products.
    so sales would be the answer,
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