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Anonymous asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

翻譯Titanic summary






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    Titanic set sail the day, more than 2000 people came to celebrate this event, and Qianjinxiaojie Ruth and her mother and also to participate; At the same time, drawing a young family plot also gambling with other people and to win the third-class boat Votes. The two far apart, as a result of an encounter, deeply attracted to each other; already fed up with being under house arrest in China cage of the nobility of Ruth's plot is very open and frank appreciation, and the plot is also committed to the elimination of Ruth in the hearts of depression.Ruth and the plot from the beginning, and this was Ruth's mother and fiance to know, to obstruct her into the priceless necklace, "Perliamo" I hope to restore the hearts of Ruth. Ruth has not moved, but more fiance's snobbish, relatively more of the plot did not fall in love with movement.

    Two days after the voyage, cruise the east coast of Canada in the event of the tip, as a result of the huge ship too late to avoid, to be the tip of the right side of the hull split, the cabin into the water, estimated in a two-hour cruise was swallowed by the sea; but on board the lifeboat contains only half of the Passengers on board each piece into a panic. At the same time, the plot was stolen slander "Perliamo",Have been locked in the basement; to save the plot, Ruth and her mother to give up and leave. Ruth ran to the bow along with the plot, watching the ship slowly sank down, two more are struggling in the ice, the final product onto a piece of wood to Ruth, her live well.


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    Titanic sets sail one day, surpasses 2000 people to come to celebrate this grand occasion, but daughter young lady reveals the silk and the mother and the fiance also together participation; At the same time, because the young sketch accumulates also gambles with the human wins the third class the passage ticket.Two far apart people, because one time meets unexpectedly, each other deep deep attraction; Is weary of is put under house arrest the dew stay bolt accumulates open and bright in the aristocrat cage honest really is already the appreciation, but accumulates also has made up mind to have to eliminate in the dew silk heart the melancholy.Accumulates starts with the dew silk to communicate, but this matter the mother and the fiance who reveals the silk knew, obstructs, the fiance delivers the priceless necklace “heart of the sea”, hoped recalls the dew silk the heart.Therefore the dew silk changes countenance by no means, instead instead sense snobbishness fiance, relative even more falls in love accumulates cunning not. Sets sail latter on second, the cruise meets the iceberg in the Canadian east bank, because the cruise huge fends without enough time, right flank the hull by the iceberg separate, the cabin enters the water, the cruise estimate after two hours by the sea swallow; However on the ship lifeboat only can carry a half passenger, on the ship various people falls into a panic.At the same time, accumulates is slandered steals “heart of the sea”, is shut in the basement; In order to rescue the product, reveals the silk giving up and the mother and the fiance leaves.The dew silk with accumulates runs together the bow, looks the cruise downward submerges slowly, two people struggle in the ice sea, finally accumulates the dew silk pushes up a plank, is called her to go on living well.

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