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    Uses the fresh vegetables, the fruit, the rhizome class, the bean sprout class, the seaweed class, the ganoderma lucidum mushroom fungus category and a kind of subclass, and so on plants take raw material, in addition the pure malt and the natural beneficial live fungus, the nutrition enzyme, pass through 180 days to brew the extract purity extremely high under the natural condition " the vegetative compound enzyme group ", in the natural normal temperature environment, by many kinds of microorganism operative technique fusion, will not damage the plant natural nutrition active constituent. The enzyme widely is applied since the ancient times, for example: Wine-making, soy sauce, sour cheese…And so on, China regards as the excellent works which prolongs the life, it once was the Chinese imperial palace delicacies, now by technical life's Europe and America and longevity's Japan, is popular by the related enzyme's health foods comes the keeping in good health. 1. various types plant enzyme group - melts the contract hundred kind of plant enzymes, each unit enzyme of 2 ~ 30,000 small molecular composition organic protein huge member, but activates the physiological function rapidly and makes the new cell. 2. the organic natural profit bacteria colony - may plant the nutrient, the natural beneficial live fungus, may adjust in the intestines to benefit the fungus and the balanced physiological function and makes the new cell. 3. the multiplex nutrition group - including dozens of kinds organic must the aminoacid group, the mineral group, the vitamin group and the functionality carbohydrates be the plant natural live nutrition, the microorganism enzyme group also simultaneously has the vegetative compound enzyme group.

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