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電腦網路 奇摩登入問題 出現英文


Please get your mom or dad!

Hi ,

You need your parent or guardian's permission to use Yahoo!. Please find your mom or dad and show them this screen.

Parents not there right now?

Check out the cool stuff at Yahoo! Kids.

Note for Parents and Legal Guardians:

This account is locked due to the birth date that was entered at registration or the age given on one of the account's Public Profiles.

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, Yahoo! must recognize all accounts with a birth date that indicates the user is a child, and we must receive parental consent before allowing such accounts to be opened and used. This account was not created with parental consent.

To create a new Yahoo! ID for your child, we need to collect certain personal information about him or her. We require your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of this information. You can give this consent by setting up a Yahoo! Family Account.

If you're setting up a Family Account for the first time, we'll need a major credit card for age verification. You will not be charged!

If you are 's parent, and would like to help your child create a new Yahoo! ID:

Create a Family Account for your child and add yourself as the parent.

Please read our Yahoo! Privacy Policy to learn more about how we treat information about your child, and our Online Safety Tips for keeping your child safe.

= =? 奇怪了 我登入別的帳號都不會阿 請大大救救我ㄅ~

我設定完奇摩捷徑列就變成這樣了 連我的帳號及時通都沒辦法進去........

我該怎麼挽救= =? 拜託了...


我知道為什麼了 裡面的英文是指我被鎖帳號了 不過我不明白 好好的帳號竟然被鎖了 不知道怎麼才能要回來

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