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fully patched

請問, 形容一個人"fully patched",是什麼意思? 原文如後 (BBC News 24 November 2008):

The trial was told he was targeted by members of the rival Outlaws motorcycle gang simply because he was a "fully patched" Hells Angel.

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    [patch]: 是指某個團體所配戴的識別徽章.

    [a fully-patched member]: 是該團體的"正式會員".


    [a prospect member]: 觀察會員/準會員

    所以"a fully patched Hells Angel"是說該人乃"地獄天使(機車幫派)"的正式成員. 或者說他是"道地的/真正的"地獄天使.

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    No problem. ^_^

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    不好意思, 我第一次使用, 不懂得投票, 儘力試試, 但非常感謝您的解疑.

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