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Question about teen parent high schools please answer?

So, i go to a school called ECHS and it is mixed with the Teen Parent Program. a high school for teen parents and they get free daycare by the state. I don't necessarily have a problem with the teen parents. most of my friends are teen parents, but i'm not quite sure how much of a good idea it is to have teen parents mixed up with non-teen parents. I've heard some of my friends saying they want to get pregnant just because they see the other girls with their kids. they're like "i'll just get welfare and then i'll get free daycare at the school." now i know it's not the teen parents fault, but i don't think it's a good idea to have them together with other kids that are influenced easily.

am i wrong for thinking they should go away to another school seperate like the old days?

1. do you think the schools should be mixed?

2. is this a problem in your city?

plus the city county i live in 1 out of every 8 babies are born to a teen mom and that number is still rising.



the teen parent school was already there for many years but itself. just last year they added the two alternative programs together because of building space issues.

Update 2:

also most of my friends that are teen parents don't like being mixed.

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    Hell we dont have that in my country.

    I remember they forced my friend which was pregnant at the time to write her exams away from all the other learners.

    You have it easy, i dont think this is a bad thing, as you accomodate the pregnant teens and teen moms for schooling and free daycare. People have a will power which they should use. If you don't want to become a teen mom then take the necessary precautions, if you want to then well its your life nobody elses.

    We don't have this in our country (South Africa), we have a problem with people breeding like rabbits anyways which would probably make matters worse for my country. But then again it would help alot of teen moms out there!

    This would be a win, lose situation!

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    Wow, I was expecting a really silly question in here but this is actually very well thought out and provocative! I wish I could formulate an answer that is worthy of your question but all I can simply say is that people of all ages can and do experience love. Maybe not lust or sexual desire but love may very well be the first emotion we all feel (in reference to parental love). Thing is times were different back in Shakespeare time when girls wed as soon as they were of child bearing age and live expectancy was only to the 50's. Now our society deems education and self sufficiency with greater esteem and marriage and love have taken somewhat of a back burner. That does not mean love and dating should take a back burner, just everything in it's due time. And to practice for that teens need to date so they know who they are and what they want but they also need to be informed of the fallback of making very adult decisions at a pre-adult age. There can always be a happy compromise and most of us can attest that we've achieved that by dating throughout high school and college, beginning a career, and then settling into marriage and children. If anything I would encourage reading Romeo and Juliet because many of the themes are still present to today's society. Kids still fall in love without family or society acceptance, they still commit suicide, they still sneak around doing things they aren't supposed to. There is always something to be learned from literature.

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    I've known a few teen moms. There's also a teen parent program in my town, and I've visited its home school a couple of times.

    I think the schools should be mixed because if you're already a teen mom, you don't want to be excluded even more by going to an "all teen-parent" high school.

    Also, the costs of having a high school that only runs a teen parent program would be really costly. With county and state education budgets already suffering, areas usually can't afford a whole new school.

    Source(s): I read an article a while ago about teen pregnancy becoming a trend, because Jaimie Lynn Spears had a kid young and everything. It's scary to consider that girls consider having a child a trend!
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    No matter what, teen moms are still teenagers. They shouldn't be cast out because of a pregnancy. It would be harder for the teenager to get around school with the average teenagers staring and making comments. I think that is part of the reason that they made separate schools. Also, so that they can be in classes to help care for the baby as well.

    I know some teenage parents at my school. I don't judge them for it. Some just didn't make the right choice. It doesn't make them a bad person though.

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    i know that when i was in highschool, very few looked up to teen mothers. and the ones that did were the ones who werent very bright to begin with. so i dont think it matters if they are mixed in. if anything it could be a deterant for other teens because teen mothers get made fun of all day for being stupid screw ups.

    the person below me is a great example of why teen pregnancy is a social problem. its a cycle. teen mothers are more likely to raise children who are teen parents. the problems that teen parents create for our society are graet.

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    I'm trying not to sound arrogant here, but my school is about 90% Mormon ( I'm not a mormon) so, if there was a teen parent they would be shunned away. However, i don't believe teen parents should be segregated. with the exception of people that need extra help or those who detract from the learning environment.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    I go to a school with a program like that too, and to be honest, I hate it. It's disgusting. I think it encourages kids to have babies, like "oh if you get knocked up, we'll take care of it [:" ugh. Everywhere I look there's a pregnant little girl.

    Anyone who would want to follow that trend is a retard. The people at your school need some common sense knocked into them.

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    Good idea...

    the teen parents can say how hard it is and how uncool it is and why they need so much help whilst still getting some life themselves... and can show non parent teens whats life is like for those who dont have such a nice progrma... ie ghetto

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    Teen parents shouldn't have to attend a seperate school because the non-teen parents lack will power.

    Thats not fair.

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    not every teen mother regrets having a child. im 17 married and trying to have my first child. no one has a set right age for children it depends on the person and how they had matured. yes some make mistakes but everything happens for a reason don't judge a book by its cover. and people please stop saying teen mothers made mistakes. i want to be a teen mother and would have nothing different/

    Source(s): im a teen and my mother was a teen mother
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