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i would like to know if i can put my 6 month old siberian husky outside at night without him freezing ?

Its winter and i would like to make my dog sleep outside in his doghouse because if i let him sleep in the house,he pees and poops like 5 to 6 times in one night on my living room carpet.I cant stand this anymore ,i washed that carpet with a vaccum so many times,i cant afford renting that machine anymore and im tired of waking up every morning and picking up **** and almost puking.I would just love to wake up and not smell **** and making myself coffee first thing in the morning instead of picking up **** first thing in the morning.


Ok for those who say i should get rid of him and say that im cruel,i didnt leave my dog outside yet and i really tried to train him.He wont pee or poop outside,he will wait until i get him back inside and then go straight for my carpet.And by the way its -13 c tonight and shes got a big blanket a light bulb and something to block the wind and the cold from getting in the dog house.So again i ask,should i put him outside?

Update 2:

Oh yeah and by the way i saved that dog from a puppy mill and did everything i could to help make that place close ,and you know what it did.Im trying the best i can,ok.Im asking questions because i know nothing about siberian dogs and im trying to do my best by asking questions.So if you dont like this well you shouldnt even post anything ,im not here to get bitched at ,im here to get answers

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    Even though your husky is a cold-weather dog, would you really feel ok with leaving him outside?

    Crate training is very easy to do. Dogs don't want to poop where they sleep. If a crate is not a good solution, try keeping the dog in a smaller area, like your bedroom. Again, they don't want to pee or poop where they sleep.

    It sounds like your puppy is very young, and just doesn't understand yet. I understand your frustration...but, it may be that some professional training would benefit your relationship.

    Best wishes to you...having a dog can be a very rewarding and loving relationship...Even though it is a challenge to love these little trouble makers at times!!!

    I know that I love being in my puppy sandwich when I wake up in the mornings. (I have two dogs, and they lay on each side of me....as close as they can get!!!)

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    i don't think he's quite old enough yet.

    Why not try crate training him?... you may have a rough few nights but he'll get used to it.

    I would take him to the vet too and make sure everything is all good with him.

    Since he's really young i'd also put him in obedience classes, They also give you a lot of guidance on the issue as well as behaviour issues.

    My sibe is almost a year old and i couldn't imagine putting him outside,.. but then again it's my choice.

    I'd talk to you vet and see what they recommend. I personally think he may be a little too young still.

    what about a heated garage or something instead?

    i'd try the crate training personally. Obedience will help you with that too.

    My boy is in level 2 right now and it's truly amazing how well behaved he is.. especially for a husky!

    best of luck

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    Get his house up off the ground put some straw or a bunch of old blankets in it and let him be for the night ..it won't kill him..our huskies after we would do all that for them would sleep outside of their houses and in the morning would even be covered with snow..they loved it and we are in Canada so a little chilly..that is what these dogs were bred for and they do better at being outside dogs then inside..better to wake up and smell the coffee instead of the you-know

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    Um, if you didn't want to house break a dog, you shouldn't have gotten it.

    It's 6 months old, so instead of b*tching about it pooping in your house at night, go out and buy a crate, and put your dog in the crate at night, and let it out when you get up in the morning.

    If you don't want to take the responsibility of house training him, then give him to someone who will.

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    as long as he has a dog house he will be fine, sibs are snow dogs. Just make sure he can't get out of the yard & make sure you keep paying him enough attention as Sibs can get naughty if feeling left out.

    Don't listen to some of those mad people that have never even owned a Sib. A lot of Sibs actully preferr outside & they are a hard breed to tolit train. Just make sure your dog house is draft free, has bedding & is up off the ground & I am positive he will be fine. The biggest thing is to make sure your yard is secure as Sibs love to run & run & run. Also make sure you arewalking him of a day & enroll in an obedeince club or start training him yourself.

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    if you can't train your dog to use outside for bathroom, maybe you'd be better off giving him away. Freezing in the cold is not an option. I don't think you would like to stay outside for the freezing night, why would you let an animal do it? Unless, of coarse the temperatures don't get low where you live.

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    The husky has three coats on him. Or her. They're are snow dogs love being out in the cold. Ours would rather the cold then the heat.


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    Uh, Siberian Husky...uh YES ! They belong outside, and will happily snug down in the snow, cover their nose with their tail, and sleep like babies . A dog house is a luxury for this breed.

    Ever see "Snow Dogs" ?

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    a husky is fine out side but . you dog is used to being inside and he is still very much a puppy and he will bark and whine outside all night for nights until he gets used to it so be prepared and is that fair to your neighbors ?

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    it's your responsibility to housebreak him. train him to be on a strict schedule to be taken out (once in the morning, few times during the day, then right before bed) or teach him to only go in a certain area. or better yet, install a doggy door. he's going to grow up to be big; he'll need it eventually. he shouldn't have to suffer outside in the cold because you're not prepared to clean up after his natural habits. if you don't have the time, energy, or patience for that, get it done professionally or give that poor baby away to someone else.. like me. i've always wanted a husky.

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