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Seen an old friend & looked away??!?

i seen an old friend & he kept staring @ me,

im so shy, i looked away or looked down!~

I wanted to say hello, but its been a few yrs so i wasnt sure. Do u think he thinks im a cold person? or do u think he knows i am shy?? Im much shyer than I was when we spent time 2gether soo i dunno. Should i try && contact him and explain my behaviour?



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    Yes! I think you will feel much happier and relieved if you can contact him!

    Also you will be more prepared... sometimes when you have to react quickly, it's harder. ;)

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    OH MY GOD !! thats not right !! Its pedophilia! tell someone !! If you care about your friend you will tell her family or teacher or someone, even if you just write an note and don't say who it is from put it on your teachers desk or something with the details of whats going on !! I am 16 (17 at the end of the month) and I am with a guy who is 24 so its not like i have a big thing about age gaps or anything. But a 38 year old looking at a 16 year old is genuinely sick ! This is not going to end well do the right thing even if it effects your friendship with this girl !! Please! good luck .

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    No you are not cold, you just reacted like every other person does it,

    if he wanted to talk to you he should of , instead of staring don't try to contact him, because he is going to think then , that you were mean, a lots of time people just stare thinking that by staring you should go and say hi, but you don't know what they are thinking,so they should go and say hello instead

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    I think most of the time when someone is shy people can pretty much tell. I don't think I would explain unless he asks. Unless you just want an excuse to talk to him, In that case I would definitely call. Good Luck :)

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    I'm sure it would of been nice if you said hello to him. But I'm sure he'd understand if you did talk and explained the situation.

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    Aww, I bet he thinks that you're just shy. :]

    Yeah, I think contacting him would be the best idea.

    Good luck, my lovee,


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    Idk. I do that all the time. I wouldn't try to contact him, he probably understands. Next time you see him you should probably tell him that you were sorry for acting rude though lol

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    well if you want to know about him. then sure why not

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