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What was the reason of the car crash in the movie Disturbia?

why did kale and his dad get in that car crash?


why did the car that blocked their view from the car with the hood popped up come back and hit their car again?

im just wondering why the driver tried to kill Kale and his father

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    Kale's father was talking on the cell phone to the mother at home about the fish that they had just caught. Kale, who was joking and talking, too, while driving, came upon a disabled car (with the front hood popped up) around a blind bend in the road. He turned the car away (to the left) to avoid rear-ending the disabled car (a Toyota) and that's when their navy blue Volvo flipped over the driver's side of the Toyota. Another car--a different car--then slammed into their Volvo (on the passenger side), killing the dad. The third car did not intentionall kill the dad; the driver was probably going too fast to avoid hitting the Volvo.

    See several photos of the stunt action here:

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    kale had just talked to his mom on the phone and passed the phone over to his dad who was sitting next to him. kale was paying attention to his dad more than the road and by the time he noticed the car in front of him swerved around a stopped car, it was too late and kale's car drove right on top of the stopped car and flipped upside down. then another fast car came and hit kale's dad's side of the car which killed him. that set up the whole plot where he punched his spanish teacher for bringing his dad up and then he has to be on house arrest for all of summer

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    They got in a car crash cus they ware talking and didnt see the truck in front of them. They crashed and flipped over. As they were about to get out, another car came, and slammed the side where his dad was.

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    It showed how his dad died. Then that was the main reason he punched his teacher and got put in house arrest. So it kind of set up the whole movie.

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    The car in front of them swerves around a car pulled to the side, causing a blind spot. The kid driving couldn't see or react quick enough.

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    Wow, if it was, nice catch! I guess I missed that! Now you got me wanting to go back and check again.

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    Well, because that's kind of why Shia's character (I forget his name lol) got so upset. Without it, he wouldn't be as messed up. .. Sorry I haven't seen the movie for a long time so IDK how he got into it if you were wondering.

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