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How to become a makeup artist in the Adult film industry?

I was just wondering if anyone knew how I would go about getting a job as a makeup artist for the adult film industry. I hear they make a good amount of money.

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    Well, the first step is learning how to do professional makeup for film and video.

    The Makeup Artist is responsible for applying makeup and/or special makeup effects to the on-camera talent so that they appear in the “look” approved by the Director. Most of the time, beauty makeup is applied, which removes imperfections so that the result makes the talent appear better than someone could in real life. Some of the time, however, special effects makeup techniques are used to add imperfections, to enhance the reality of life or to create something wholly unnatural. Most Effects Makeup Artists can do both, but not all Beauty Makeup Artists are qualified to do effects.

    You don’t just apply the makeup at the beginning of the day and forget about it. Maintenance before every shot is just as crucial, so you’ll be spending a lot of time on set as well as in your trailer. During the day, you are the Actors’ mirror. They have enough to think about, such as remembering their lines and hitting their marks. You need to instill in them the confidence that they won’t have to worry about how they look.

    You must get some experience first before looking for paid employment. Find student films or indie features to work on (non-"adult") so when you do look for actual paying jobs, you'll have a resume that shows that you have done this before.

    The "adult film industry" is mostly centered in the San Fernando Valley just north of Hollywood. Once you are confident in your abilities and have a resume, contact the various adult film production companies and let them know who you are and that you are available. It is likely that they'll already have people they like and use all of the time so you may not get in right away. Just keep calling (without being a pest) while you wait for the opportunity to open up (when someone gets sick or retires or there is a lot of work going on and not enough Makeup Artists).

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