Marines Recruiter called, me and..?

Lol, I already have my mind set on the army. A Marines recruiter called and said,

"Hello may I speak to Skyler?"

I said "Uhm, she's not available right now.."

"Oh when can I get a hold of her?"

"She actually wants to join the Army"


"I dunno, just does."

"Well what time can I call her?"

"Uhmmm, around 3." And then I hung up lol.

I feel some what guilty, because I'm not going to be home at 3. I've talked to this recruiter before, and most definitely not going to talk to him again.(I didn't really like him.) I also think he knew it was me, especially when he asked me the "Why?" part. Since I wont be able to answer tomorrow, will he still call, or will he stop?

I kinda wished I just would've told him I didn't want to join the Marines.


Rawbert- I can understand why you may be frusterated. I thought I had already asked the question(Since I wont be able to answer tomorrow, will he still call, or will he stop?). I'll just assume you didn't see it.

God bless, and thank you for your service.

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    A part of growing up is being adult enough to stand up for your self. You should call the recruiter and tell him what you want to do.

    Source(s): Chief Warrant officer 3(ret)
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    I think if just talk to him and see what he has to say and you still feel the same way then just tell him you want to join the army and thats that he should stop calling you i know my recruiter was told a couple times by my mom to stop calling but he kept calling and finally she talked to him and she was still against it so he no longer calls you just need to talk to him one more time and tell him straight up that the marines is not for you

    Source(s): Future Marine 5-22-09 can't wait
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    I dislike recruiters. I joined the Marines myself, but a couple years before I did, I went into the office just to ask some questions and get some options. I was going off to college soon and he still tried to pressure me into enlisting. He didn't tell me about the Reserves, didn't tell me about officer programs, just told me to forget about college and join. What an idiot. Worst experience ever. He was rude too and didn't even care about me or what I wanted. Unfortunately, most recruiters are like this. I found a new recruiter later on and thought he was good, but come to find out he lied about many things to my face as well as to my parents. So...I hate recruiters, they suck.

    Anyway, just tell him to screw off, you're joining the Army and you have your mind made up and if he keeps calling you're going to call the police or something. Make sure he gets the message.

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    I agree with Amy S. When he calls back, give him an honest answer; sometimes, that's all they need to know. They don't want to waste time convincing someone whom they could tell has made a final decision, they'll just go on to the next. If he pushes you and asks you why, give him your reasons and defend your decision for joining the Army. If you can't do that with a man on the phone, how do you expect to defend your self in the battlefield? Yup, you need a little maturing before going to boot camp!

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  • Amy S
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    1 decade ago

    Now that you've made your decision, why would you hide it and lie to a recruiter? That's ridiculous! Be PROUD of your decision and let him know you've chosen the Army. You're acting like you're either too embarrassed about choosing the Army.... or you're so afraid of hurting his feelings that you won't be honest with him.

    Either way? He doesn't really give a rip... he just needs to know so he can take you off his call list.. and he does deserve an honest answer from you.

    Better grow up a little before you ship to BMT.

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    I'm an Army girl too. I'm joining in 4 and a half years :] I'm almost 14. I know that its early to make that thought and all but its what I want! Don't feel bad... The Marines just isn't for everyone :]

    Love Chandler, a future soldier

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    When i was young and before i enlisted , i would do the same thing except i wouldnt answer the phone. And when i did, i would say i need time knowing i wasnt planing on joining anytime soon. But i realized i was just being a young punk and needed to just tell them i didnt plan on joining the Air Force. And i joined the real thing and now im ARMY STRONG !

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    1 decade ago

    yea he probably will still call, you need to tell him straight up no

    my brother in laws brother went through this, the recruiter was a Staff Sergeant and called him a few times a day even after the kid said no, the kids uncle had to go to the recruiters office and tell him to back off, hes a Captain

    some people dont know when enough is enough, tell him off if you have to

    Source(s): USMC
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    He will call again, when he does tell him nicely you want to join the Army and thats that, you have no desire to look into the Marines and tell him to please stop calling.. He should stop after that.. IF he doesnt hes just rude

    I am a Army Recruiter, we dont want to call and bug you, its our job..

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    that's nice... So what's your question? Or did you just want to brag that you weren't mature enough to inform the recruiter that you didn't want to be bothered again?

    I read it, but forgot it. He will continue to call until told not to bother you anymore.

    Didn't mean to be rude, but you could have gone without the actual converstation...

    Source(s): U.S.Army Disabled Veteran 19K20 M1A1 Abrams MBT 1990-1996
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