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It's Poem time woooo (long sorry)?

Learning is the hardest thing to do...

I blew up a mattress so you could sleep over last night,

I had no idea what it was that you had in mind.

I was willing to give up my bed for you so,

We could sit an talk the whole night through.

You see since that day we can never be the same,

So you keep pushing and saying your to blame,

Well I already know that and I know that even though I miss you,

I have to be strong and I have to let you know.

I don't want to be who I was back then,

Cause I was a what you call a walking mess.

I'm still not sure if it was you who saved me,

But I've got this feeling in my was.

To throw you away would be so cheap of me,

So I will ask you stay but let our love be,

We are no longer one we are just two friends,

I hope you know that you have created the end.

An insight into my mind is what you asked for last night,

Well if I let you oh God you would see that I'm not right,

My head is the worst place to live in,

But I go through it over and over again.

I loved you to much,

But I always knew it was not enough.

I never learn.

Insights into my broken mind

Hey now, brown cow, wont you take me back to my childhood,

Before I knew bout my medicine and the pain my Father caused.

Since 16 I've been on my own with no place to call my home,

My mother stood around and waited for me, so I just kept running away.

I hate to say this but it's true, life is beautiful and so are you,

I have never been one with my feelings, so that's why my Mother needs healing.

It's not the cancer that makes her cry every night,

It's the fact that I would rather die,

Then face the truth and all of my lies,

Oh God it's hard to just break down and cry.

I am so sick of complaining that I just feel like throwing up

And getting rid of the me that is buried deep inside.

My head aches almost every single fu*king day,

But I can still manage to say I put on a happy face.

Hurt me again my sweet Father,

Cause I miss the pain that you caused.

When you die I hope that you know,

I will not let one bit of my sadness show.


they are two seperate ones by the way

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    Wow, buddy....these poems were intense....really full of emotion, which is what I love about your is so complicated and because I know some of what is going on, it's hard to read cause I don't like seeing you hurt or upset.....

    The second poem I once again, could relate to....the words "When you die I hope that you know, I will net let one bit of my sadness show" is something I would know about my father and the fact that I can't understand why he wouldn't want me in his life...well, FFAF, seriously, those couple lines are super close to how I feel.......keep writing about your mom and dad cause it is some of your most passionate writing.....

    Love your writing as usual and I hope everything is ok :)

    Source(s): Keep Smiling :) Nancy~ I hope everything works out for you as well :)
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    I think these are the best so far, they came right off my screen and grabbed at my heart and brought a tear to my eye. All I can say man is, deep, deep and deep.

    Take Care


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  • 1 decade ago

    Wow. That first one brought tears to my eyes. I am in a very similar situation. The latest is he is telling all of his friends how much he adores me.

    I love your poems because I relate so much, keep 'em coming man.

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  • I'm tearing up right now from the first one. Both beautiful and emotional. Also moving. Keep it up. Beautiful and moving.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i like the first one especially blowing up the mattress

    second one was ok

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  • saying you're awesome is probably getting old so i'll look for a new word...


    lol. what a nerd.....

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