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Camping packing list?

i know i always pack for this trip every year.

but i ALWAYS forget one thing.

so anything i need to pack.

its by the beach. so yeah swimwear, even though we usually dont go swimming, but we might.

it gets really cold at night.

during the day its hot enough to wear shorts if your in the sun, so dont need much of those, but still never gets too hot.

and yeah four days.


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    Check out the following sites

    Camping Checklist (compliments of

    Shelter and Bedding (essentials)

    __ tent

    __ tarp

    __ sleeping bag

    __ sleeping pad

    __ headrest

    Cooking and Dining (essentials)

    __ water

    __ food

    __ cooler

    __ camp stove

    __ mess kit

    __ can opener

    __ charcoal


    __ t-shirts

    __ shorts

    __ jeans/pants

    __ socks

    __ shoes/boots

    __ camp shoes

    __ hat/cap

    __ sweater

    __ rain poncho

    __ underwear

    __ swim suit

    __ laundry bag

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

    __ _____________

    Personal Hygiene

    __ tooth brush

    __ tooth paste

    __ wash rag(s)

    __ towel(s)

    __ soap

    __ comb/brush

    __ nail clippers

    __ razor

    __ toilet paper

    __ _____________

    __ _____________ Shelter and Bedding (optionals)

    __ book

    __ cot

    __ comforter

    __ throw rug

    __ pillow

    Cooking and Dining (optionals)

    __ charcoal chimney

    __ smoker

    __ Dutch oven

    __ hot dog sticks

    __ pie irons

    __ chairs

    __ folding table

    __ table cloth

    __ butane lighter

    __ screen room

    Cleaning Items

    __ broom

    __ dust pan

    __ whisk broom

    __ lawn rake

    __ dish pan

    __ detergent

    __ dish rags

    __ ppt scrubber

    First Aid Kit

    __ personal medication

    __ bandages

    __ aspirin, Tylenol

    __ medical tape

    __ sterile gauze

    __ elastic wrap

    __ antiseptic wipes

    __ antibiotic cream

    __ burn ointment

    __ sunburn lotion

    __ hydrogen peroxide

    __ scissors

    __ tweezers

    __ eye wash

    __ sanitary napkins

    __ snake bite kit Chuck Box

    __ salt and pepper

    __ herbs and spices

    __ cooking oil

    __ pot holders

    __ paper towels

    __ napkins

    __ plastic trash bags

    __ tongs and spatula

    __ aluminum foil

    __ measuring cups

    __ plastic silverware

    __ paper plates/bowls

    __ plastic cups

    __ zip lock bags

    __ knives

    __ cutting board

    __ cork screw

    Miscellaneous Items

    __ binoculars

    __ bird guide

    __ bug spray

    __ bungi cords

    __ camera

    __ candles

    __ cards, games

    __ cell phone

    __ clothes pins

    __ compass

    __ duct tape

    __ fishing gear

    __ flashlight

    __ frisbee

    __ GPS

    __ kites

    __ knife

    __ lantern

    __ matches

    __ pen and paper

    __ rope

    __ shower bag

    __ sun block

    __ tools

    __ water filters

    __ whistle

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    If you make this trip every year I'm surprised you haven't already made a list.

    Do it this year for sure. Start by listing everything you think you'll need. When you pack it, check off on the list that you've done so.

    Then, when you're on site, keep track. Make new lists. One should include everything you took that you used often. One should be those things you occasionally used (or would have used if the weather were different). The third should be those things you never used. Fourth should be things you didn't take but needed.

    Next year, discard everything on list 3. Then combine lists 1 and 4.

    List 2? Eyeball the items carefully. Did you really need that X, which you only used once? Decide what on that list you really need to take, and add it to list 1.

    Here are more tips on camping check lists:

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  • Mark S
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    Kellie provided an excellent list. I'd like to add two things. Consider a cot if there is a chance of critters roaming the grounds. If it gets cold, putting a plastic bag (such as a vinyl waterproof bag you keep your sleeping back in) over the foot end of your sleeping bag makes a big difference.

    Source(s): active camper, USMC field experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    HotHands Hand Warmers

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