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I've made a short film? Now what?

I've been making movies for about a decade now. Over the years I have been able to collect high end gear and learn professional techniques. I have made a short film, about 30 minutes long, and I don't know where to go from here. This is not a joe-schoe youtube video that me and my friends make one weekend. I need to know where do I go from here.

The local theaters are big chain theaters and I'm not sure if they would air my movie, but I don't even know who I would need to contact for this information.

iTunes has a whole section for short movies. This section is where my movie would probably fit in.

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    It depends on what kind of movie it is and how well it was made and what your ultimate career goal is.

    It is a bit long for most festivals and not long enough for any kind of theatrical release or broadcast use.

    Your best bet with this would be to use it as a calling card to secure the representation of an Agent. Assuming you have other projects you'd like to do AND completed screenplays to show as writing samples, an Agent may sign you if he/she likes the short film enough. The best scenario is if the story for the short can be expanded into feature length that way you could just shoot the additional sixty minutes and recut. Then you'll have a PRODUCT that can be sold directly to DVD or to a cable outlet, like HBO or Showtime. If it's really good, then maybe one of the major distributors would pick it up for theatrical release.

    So you should begin by cutting a fairly short trailer that you can submit WITH the thirty minute project along with the full feature length script. An Agency may be intrigued enough to look at all of it, but you'll have to contact each first to find out their submission requirements. Also pursue the festival route looking toward the major festivals where you could get the most attention.

    For a list of festivals worldwide and a host of other resources that may help you, visit http://www.whatireallywanttodo.com.

    Good luck!

    Brian Dzyak


    IATSE Local 600, SOC


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    You can submit it to film festivals.

    You can try to make it available on iTunes.

    You can upload it to Vimeo.

    Unfortunately, film festival programmers don't like 30 minute short films. They like "shorts" that are not longer than 10 or 15 minutes.

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