Other Than Muhammed Ali What Other Boxers.............?

changed their names (Legally) and to what?

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    Henry Armstrong was Henry Jackson --don't know if legally

    Willie Pep was Giglielmo Papaleo------ " "

    Joe Louis - Joe Barrow

    Harry Greb-Ed Berg

    Benny Leonard-Ben Leiner

    Jack Dempsey-William Harrison Dempsey

    Jack Johnson-John Arthur Johnson

    Mickey Walker-Edward Patrick Walker

    Gene Tunney-James Joseph Tunney

    Joe Gans-Joe Gaines

    Julio Cesar Chavez's real last name is Gonzales

    Stan Ketchel-Stanislaus Kiecal

    Barney Ross-Beryl David Rosofsky

    Archie Moore-Achibald Wright

    Jake LaMotta's first name is Giacobbe

    Johnny Dundee-Guiseppe Carrora

    Kid Chocolate-Eligio Sardinias

    Ted Lewis-Gershon Mendeloff

    Beau Jack-Sidney Walker

    Ricardo Lopez's real last name is Nava

    Kid Gavilan-Gerardo Gonzalez

    Jack Britton-William Bresl

    Dick Tiger-Richard Ihetu

    Pancho Villa-Francisco Guilledo

    Philadelphia Jack O'Brien-James Hagen

    Tony Zale-Anthony Zaleski

    Tommy Ryan-JosephYoungs

    Kid McCoy-Norman Selby

    Freddie Welsh-Fred Thomas

    Jack Delaney-Ovila Chapdelaine

    Willie Ritchie-Gerhardt Steffen

    Rocky Graziano-Thomas Barbella

    Hope this helped.

    ~No more Gamez~

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    Dwight Braxton changed his name to Dwight Muhammad Qawi, Eddie Gregory changed his name to Eddie Mustapha Muhammad and Matthew Franklin changed his name to Matthew Saad Muhammad. Arnold Raymond Cream became better known as Jersey Joe Walcott, Rocco Marchegiano became better known as Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis's actual name is Joeseph Louis Barrow. Beau Jack's real name is Sidney Walker, Rocky Graziano's real name is Rocco Barbella, and Henry Jackson became better known as Henry Armstrong. Jack Sharkey's real name was Joseph Cuckoschay, Stanley Ketchel's real name was Stanislaus Kiecal, Joe Gans real name was Joseph Gaines, Tommy Burns' real name was Noah Brusso, and Archie Moore's real named was Archibald Lee Wright. There are more in the long history of boxing, but those are a few.

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    1 decade ago

    Rocky Balboa

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    1 decade ago

    Former British welterweight champion YOUNG MUTLEY's real name is LEE WOODLEY!

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