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barn wood picture frame- HELP?

i have come across some barn wood that i would like to make a picture frame from.

the planks are about a yard/meter long and about 4 inches thick. i am wanting to frame a 18 x 24 picture with a 2 inch mat.

i have about 8 pieces and some of them are less than perfect. can i use the wood if it is not perfectly straight? slightly bowed? if I plane the wood will i loose the barn weathered finish? will planing fix the imperfections?

how can I accomodate a rabbet that will fit glass, picture and matt board.

what steps do i need to follow? I just want to use a table saw and planer as I am not comfortable with a router.


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    The rough weathered finish on your stock wood isn't very deep. If you saw the edges or plane the face you will lose the finish and the wood will look more life new wood. If warping is too severe you need to get the wood wet and clamp it straight while it dries. You might even need to clamp it in a position beyond straight to over compensate for the warp to get the desired shape.

    When you cut the miters for the frame the cut edges won't show much so that is okay and you can cut the rabbet on the table saw. The rabbet will be hidden and the unweathered surface won't be a problem. A dado blade would do the job easily, but if you don't have one just set the rip fence and run the pieces through. Set it, run all the pieces through, move the fence, and repeat until you have the width cut you need.

    Keep in mind that some warping in the right direction will add charm but twists and warps out of the plane of the frame will not look good and cause headaches.


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    Source(s): Grab 16000 Woodworking Plans :
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    Search on the web for wood picture frames and how to build picture frames. There is at least 2 sites with step by step instructions waiting for you to discover.

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