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Should I enlist before going into a federal agency?

Would it benefit me if I enlisted as MOS 35F, (Intelligence), before I joined any federal agency. I want to go into something similar to intelligence.

I also plan on getting an internship while in college with an agnecy


I don't want to join as an officer because if I enlist I can get intelligence, as oppose to being put where the military wants you if your an officer.

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    The benefits you would receive would include already being trained in intelligence, military experience, work ethics, and having veteran's preference when applying to a federal job.

    Plus, if you only stay a few years, you could buy into the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), paying an amount based on the number of years you served, so that your active duty military time would count toward your GS retirement.

    Source(s): Retired Army.
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    Having prior military service and education definitely helps, but is not required. Call your local NCIS or Homeland Security office to talk to someone and get an idea of the best way to go.

    With any federal agency, you have to have at least a BS/Masters plus 5-10 years experience.

    I would recommend getting your Bachelor's degree, enlist in the military as an OFFICER and then transfer to a federal unit.

    Don't forget - you can retire from the military, get a pension AND collect pension on your federal job as well....

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): Husband in Army, I am currently in testing/enrollment for NCIS and working on my Master's.
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    Enlisting would help for getting into a federal agency, especially if you are going in as intelligence.

    but might i ask, why not go to college, and become an intelligence officer in the army. That would help even more.

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