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Has anyone gone through the trouble of legally changing your name?

How much of a pain was it? How long does it take? Cost? Thanks. I absolutely hate my first name!!!!


Would it be easier to just move my 1st name to my middle name and do a new 1st name? Or is it still the same hassle?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i don't know if the cost is the same in all states are not. here in MO it is $150. you go to the court house pick up the paperwork fill it out, turn it in, get a court date, explain why you want a name change and the judge either says yes or no. you would be asked why you wanted the name change. if it's to avoid your creditors or something along that line then the answer would be no. you would have to carry a paper with you showing that you have changed your name. for a certain time period you would have to sign things with a "nee". for example:

    Jane Doe nee Smith. Smith being your old name Doe being your new name. as i stated before it can depend on your state on the cost and possibly on procedure. it never hurts to contact your court house in your county and find out. Best of luck!

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