Did Michael Jordan get alot of unmerited hype?

It only illustrates how people go out of their way to make him better than he was.EXAMPLE -

The 1988 dunk contest featured a classic duel between Michael Jordan (1985 winner) and Dominique Wilkins (1987 winner) in Chicago. On the last dunk, Jordan tried the free throw line dunk, but he stepped in front of the line. He received a "50" for this. Two years later, Scottie Pippen jumped from behind the free throw line and received a "46" for the same dunk. Surprised? You shouldn't be. What was the difference? Jordan is quite often given more credit than he deserves. You can say that I'm full of sour grapes, but consider the following analysis from fellow participant and 1986 winner, Anthony "Spud" Webb:

"...the finals came down to Jordan and 'Nique. Who won? Dominique won it by a mile. Who got the trophy? Michael Jordan , it's just sad how we have to manufacture our heros these days

MJ's dunk>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqXUDnXcTok

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Most Jordan fans will give answers like "NO" or "how many titles did Nique win?"....these people are basketball illiterate and have no solid criteria for thier arguement's...Pippen has just as many titles as Jordan!..Pippen has more winning seasons without Jordan also!

Update 2:

your right hp the league is far better today then it was in the waterd down 90's!

good point!

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    NO, the other players u named can't even compare to jordan's career. there are a few that are putting up similiar stats and hype right now (king james) but the league is way different today from what it was 15 years ago. jordan's merit is well deserved.

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    Didn't your Mama ever tell you life isn't always fair. Maybe because Jordan has a lot more flair and style to his dunks than Pippen. Who really cares about dunk contests anyway? They are completely subjective. Look at Howard's Superman dunk. That dunk completely sucked, and look how much it was hyped up. All he did was put on a cape.

    As for Spud's comments, he was Dominique's friend and teammate. He was just sticking up for his boy, like any good friend would. I'm not going to get in an argument over who was the better dunker. Dominique was one of the best of all time. He could have beat Jordan throughout the contest, but it all came down to the final dunk. Jordan just had to be better than Nique in the final round. No conspiracy, just how it went down. Also, nobody ever actually takes off from the free thow line on those dunks. They always take off from just inside. Brent Barry received a 49 for his free throw effort. I guess he wasn't given that remaining point because he was a white guy. Another conpiracy I suppose.

    You win dude. Jordan has a brilliant marketing team, that's a real shocker. The media hypes up athletes to sell products to gullible consumers. Who new?

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    yah.. well as fare as that dunk, behind the free throw line, Pippen was on the line too, about 1"' back but still on the line, the only man I've seen do it behind the line in Dr. J. He was toe on line after the foot came up... that's as close as I've seen, Brent Berry was toe on line too, but about 1/2 inch. I herd Kobe did it but it was for a Adidas commercial but they didn't record it, it was just practice for the shoot but like 20 people saw it.

    Pippen and anyone after MJ wont get as many points cuz it was and old move, like if James would do a 360 under the leg dunk, he would only get 45 or 47... Kobe got a 50 cuz he did it so well for the first time. Dunk contests don't determine how good you are. Did Magic ever win a dunk contest???? No, but his numbers are crazy!

    I think Mj is fore sure one of the top 3-5 players if not the best... but I think Kobe has many years ahead of him to prove he is better..... Plus the NBA is much tougher then it was in the 90's, if MJ won it in 88 or 89 then maybe he would be the greatest in my mind, but Kobe did it with Shaq (as MJ with Pippen) his 5th year in the NBA.. out of High school!!! Now Kobe will do it with out Shaq and MJ will never have a ring without Pippen. Maybe as a GM or owner... though it doesn't look that way any time soon... ha ha!!!

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    I can't believe you're basing your opinion on who was better on a slam dunk contest. Talk about being basketball illiterate with no solid criteria for your argument. Does that mean if I make more half court shots in a contest with Kobe Bryant that I'm better than he is?

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  • Dude , Jordan done more then ONE foul-line dunk. There is video proof if him clearing the line.

    BTW, Jordan's dunk was better then Pippen's. Jordan had more "FLAIR" when he did it...besides Pippen was being a "copycat" like yourself. Nobody respect a copycat!

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    Yep, just like ESPN and tnt are all over Kobe's sac. Kobe is the best at selling guitar hero on xbox.

    "manufature our heros these days" so you calling him your hero as well.

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    How many NBA titles did Wilkins win and how many did Jordan win?

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