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Is free downloading illegal?

People have mentioned web sites that you can download free games, movies and music. Isn't that illegal?

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    If they are really free-- it is not illegal. If it is a cracked or pirated it is illegal. Even your operating system now you are using may be( I said -- may be) pirated one. Downloading free games cannot be treated as illegal, because it is free. But if you are downloading a cracked version of a game from a torrent site--it is truly illegal. If you are downloading a movie or a song from the internet, it is truly illegal, becuase they are not for unauthorized reproduction under piracy and copy right act. But my suggestion is delete them after your use. Do not sell them or share them to any one. Format you hard disk atleast once in a year. Do not download any films by simply type their name in google and click on search. The sites showing in google may be dangerous, may contains virus, trojans, malware etc. As old people said, if somebody give you anything as free, there may be a hidden cheating. They can trace your IP( internet protocol), it contais your address, your area code, even your name(if you taken the internet in your name). So dont download cracked or pirated one. Download only free things....

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    Yes it is illegal to download movies and game etc that are protected by copyright law. It is also illegal to download anything without paying for it if the thing has a fee.

    Downloading freeware is however not illegal. These are things such as some games which can be distributed free without a license.

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    if downloading from a free download site first make sure that it is got proper certification and it is got a privacy level that is medium or above

    and it is not illegal to download from the free sites unless its a pirated version

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    Yes it's illegal and anything copyrighted from the pirate sights or peer to peer are suspect and have a 97% chance of having a trojan or a virus in them.

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    in most countries, yes.

    and websites that host copyrighted material are often sent a Cease & Desist letter within the week and are terminated.

    some companies make use of certain countries' laws to host illegal files.

  • Depends on the site and what you are downloading. Some stuff is legal, some is not.

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    It depends if you are attempting to download copyrighted material. If so, you are breaking the law. If it is not copyrighted, or covered under a GPL license, then you are good.

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    It depends, some programs are free by default.

    Source bellow has only free full software, perfectly legal.

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    it depends on what country you live in in most countries it is illegal though

  • Anonymous
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    It depends.

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