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Best ways to get into Federal Law Enforcement?

OK I'm a Criminal Justice major at my college. My ultimate goal is to join a federal law enforcement agency like the FBI, US Marshals, NCIS, etc.

My original idea was that I would finish college, get a job as a sheriff's deputy, do that for a few years, then apply to a federal agency.

But I've also wanted to join the military for many years now, and now that Obama is gonna be President I have more faith that I won't be sent to a useless war.

Do you think it would be better for me to get my degree, then join the military as a Military Policeman for a few years, then apply to a federal law enforcement agency?


I have every intention on finishing college, I'm not gonna drop out and join the Army. Degree first!

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    It likely depends on what federal job you're talking about. You have to make a critical difference between federal enforcement agencies like the Marshals and investigative agencies like the FBI and NCIS which can sometimes resemble the Marshals but otherwise handles many complex investigations of sophisticated criminal enterprises. You should probably get your degree because....if you're interested in the FBI, it's the least you'll need in terms of academics. Some postgrad work, from a good school will be the requisite.

    They're not going to take military policemen (after Iraq and the revelations of Abu Ghraib, they aren't exactly held in the highest of esteem), at least not based simply on their being MP's. Also, being some sherrif's deputy in some quiet parish for a few years isn't the gateway to a more prestigious job - not when there are cops in major metropolitan departments who can't get promoted after years of service there.

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    Best Federal Law Enforcement Jobs

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    All honesty finish your degree. Having Law enforcement experience will help. Military experience will help, Having at least 3 years of Law enforcement or Military plus a diverse degree outside of criminal justice will definately help. You learn more on the street as a LEO, than you can ever learn in a criminal justice classroom. I ve spoke to Federal Agents, and this is legit. I m a current Swat Team member and a Police Officer with a degree. So take my advice. Research different agencies, every experience will be difference. Border Patrol needs no degree and offer multiple opportunites. Your call.

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    Based upon your comments...I'm assuming you're still in college.

    Stay there!

    Finish your education. Prior service or law enforcement doesn't make the difference you need when you have a college degree and applying for a federal law enforcement position.

    As for going to a war zone, whether or not Obama were president...the military will send you where they see fit! Was our presence "useless?" I think our presence made a huge difference..and's time to leave!

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    Uhh brown boy. Do you really think that Obama is the one who will make the decisions as to who goes to war?

    You really need to speak to people. You might be able to translate that degree..... if you wish to do federal being a duputy would be a step back.

    The military is of course a the best thing to have career wise. A straight up sign up as an an MP will class you as one in a million. MPs in the professional world are considered the dunder heads of the military. No real big score on the ASVAB needed.

    Look into intel and many other things as that will lead you to being one of the big boys. Local policing will not.

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    Military would be a great way to start, and when you get out you'll be surprised how much easier it is to get into law enforcement.

    BTW, I agree with you I go to boot camp this June and with our new president I can go in with my head held even more high.

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    Ha. This thread is great. You were all idiots 7 years ago... For the good of all mankind, I hope he's not a LEO or service member and that none of you hold positions of importance. That is all...

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    Hope this helps!

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    Go to cop school.

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