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What is the down to earth reason the world dislikes President Bush?

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    Worst fiscal meltdown since the Great Depression

    Currently opposing stimulus package large enough to revive economy

    Lost war in Iraq; silly aircraft carrier landing

    No WMD's found in Iraq

    Vetoed better health coverage for kids -- twice

    Abu Graib

    Ignored law, allowed torture

    Illegal wiretapping

    Had enough info to stop 9/11 and didn't, successfully hid that fact for several years

    Lost Bin laden at Tora Bora

    Stripped resources from Afghanistan and sent to Iraq

    Didn't catch Bin Laden

    Allowed Al Qaeda to regroup in Pakistan, Afghan war out of control

    Gay prostitute accredited under false name to White House Press Corps to ask Bush easy questions

    Had government make illegal propaganda videos and sent them to TV stations for airplay

    Cheated during presidential debate

    Lied about reducing greenhouse emissions, ignored warming

    Muzzled warming scientists in NASA and elsewhere

    Political appointments to Department of Justice and political prosecutions

    Cheney, Rove, and others in contempt of Congress -- refused to tell the American people the truth

    Commuted Libby's sentence

    The moment the 2008 election was over, put in place executive orders to destroy the environment; will take years to undo

    No Child Left Behind a total flop

    Smeared Kerry -- Swift Boating

    Smeared McCain -- North Carolina

    Why did Karl Rove resign again?

    Revealed identity of deep cover CIA agent to get revenge against Ambassador Wilson for telling the truth about yellowcake

    Lied repeatedly about supposed relation between Saddam and 9/11

    Didn't attend one single military funeral in his eight years

    On vacation more than one out of eight years

    Katrina -- "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!"

    Social Security privatization plan so ridiculously bad even his own party wouldn't go for it

    Signed Bridge to Nowhere and other pork; first president not to veto pork

    Ran up record deficits

    Repeated recessions, poor job growth

    Fiscally irresponsible tax cuts for the rich

    Tried to make aid for auto industry contingent on free trade agreement with Colombia(!)

    Banned Federal financing of fetal stem cell research

    Flew back to sign Terri Schiavo legislation

    Goosed the chancellor of Germany

    Alienated many of our allies

    Made America so hated that in polls China was more popular

    Didn't make the Chinese to float their currency

    Shameful, failed begging mission to Saudi Arabia

    Read The Pet Goat to schoolchildren after being informed the country was under attack

    Pork barrelled anti-terrorism funds so cities like New York that were at highest risk didn't get what they needed

    No-bid contracts for billions went to vice-president Cheney's company

    Department of Faith-Based Initiatives, unconstitutional and in practice a conduit for money to religous right as reward for supporting the GOP

    Fought fuel efficiency standards, high demand led to soaring gas prices

    Lied about effects of drilling in ANWR and offshore on gas prices


    That ridiculous attempt at a Supreme Court appointment, forget her name

    22% popularity rating, destroyed his own party

    There are more, but hey, I'm getting old -- can't remember everything . . .

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    Technological developments that happened to come about during Bush's term facilitated the spread of the deliberate, Stalinist-derived, anti-American propaganda directed against the US for about a century (you can recognize it through telltale words) . Bush is the one in office, so this propaganda will be anti-Bush.

    In addition, American-citizenship-holding global interests who resent the Bush Administration's frustration of their personal ambitions have deliberately paralleled these propaganda efforts with those of their own.

    Unfortunately for our society, this has been very effective; certain names have been transformed into emotional trigger words in the minds of many ostensibly intelligent people;

    even Hillary Clinton, for example, now appears to be no longer conscious of when she is choosing to utilize such propaganda towards a goal; she has incorporated it.

    Contaminated, as the KGB would say.

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    He lied to the congress and to the american people to start an illegal war which has enriched his buddies in the oil and weapon industries while it has killed 4000 american soldiers and wounded many more, killed hundred of thousands of iraqis and created a huge deficit which has contributed to or current economic crisis

    enough said although the list is pretty long and Joshua's post is spot on

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    The reason's people from other countries ,like me dislike Bush,

    'You are with us or you are a terrorist'

    'Bring it on'

    'They hate us because of our freedoms'

    Bush doctrine of preemptive strike.

    Contempt for the U.N.

    Hypocrisy and double standard foreign policy,especially Israel.

    Guantanamo Bay.

    Axis of evil /evil doers everywhere except the U.S.

    I could go on and on......

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    Joshua H wins.

    Source(s): consider this question "resolved".
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    Wow, Joshua - will you marry me?

    Ditto to the nth degree everything in Joshua's post.

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    even people who are up in the clouds like me!:) hate everything about bush!!!

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    JOSHUA has been paying attention. KUDOS!

    He forgot the UNpatriot act.

  • Joshua's Gone! LOL! The world doesn't dislike Bush- ONLY the terrorists and US LIBS (same thing!)

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    uh...what Joshua H said.

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