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what foods have the most calories per dollar?

what foods provide the most energy (calories) for the money.

i know i may still need to eat other foods for nutrition (vitamins, fiber, etc.).

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    french fries w brown gravy poured over them...

    when i was in college that was the late drunk night snack. now of course they have chili cheese fries..

    I didnt realize it but foods such as pF changs have huge calorie contents because of the sauces such as sugar in them also..

    i would go for lettuce wraps and kung poa chicken..lol

    then the alfredo sauce on top of noodles at olive garden dont forgot to dip the breadsticks in alfredo also..lol and some garlic butter.

    Also I always thought i was eating healthy at panera bread..then i went to web site and sandwiches would have 50 grams of fat!!!

    Now i noticed they cut the portion size down to make the calorie and fat intake not look so bad....

    but still you get half sandwich and soup its still 25 grams of fat at least ...lol

    I was getting the turkey and spinach artichoke who wouldve dreamed 50 fat grams?LOL

    I had to switch to salad..

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipes Cookbook : http://paleocookbook.raiwi.com/?WHKa
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    Pringles and Sunflower seeds are very near the top. Oh, I forgot tortilla chips. My list includes high fat calories.

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    By dollar value , probably Corn oil or some other shortening...

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