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Is Your Bank Fair With Their Fees?

I belong to a credit union and as long as I have the money in the account, I pay no monthly fee and can write as many checks as I want to in a month.

Chase raised their monthly small business fee to $16, and charges a $150 annual fee on lines of credit.

I just heard that Citi is going to raise their fees as well.

What do you think about you bank (or former bank)?

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    My local bank (State Bank of Southern Utah) doesn't charge fees on my business accounts. And on my personal checking they just started a deal where you not only pay no fees, but if you switch to electronic statements and do a certain number of ACH payments and debit card transactions, they'll pay 4.06% interest, with no minimum balance. That's better than a money market account!

    So shop around. You don;t need to pay fees on any checking account.

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    I also use a credit union and pay no fees unless I mess up on something.

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    My bank charges no fees as long as I stay within the boundaries they have set.

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