Looking for rock band that covered California Dreamin around 2003?

I'm trying to figure out the band that covered California Dreamin' around 2002-03. It use some vocal echo effect in the song on words like "all the leaves are brown (brown, brown, brown) and the sky was grey (grey, grey, grey). I been trying to figure this out for years. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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    1 decade ago
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    You're probably thinking of Benny Benassi's techno cover of it, although you could also be thinking of the lesser-known Ace Andres. Also, DJ Sammy did a cover, but I doubt it was him

    It was probably Benny Benassi's cover.

    Oh, the Global Deejays did one, too, was it them?

    Global Deejay's Version:


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    Yeah... It was DJ Sammy, I'm pretty sure, actually, I'm listening to that one right now...


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    Neither. It mut have been Ace Andres' version, but I can't find that one.

    The Beach Boys did one that sounds like what you're talking about back in the 80's ;)


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