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Pet mice or pet fish?

I'm planning to gift my lil' sister either pet mice or pet fish this Christmas - so which one's less expensive? And which one's easier to look after?


My sister's nine going ten...

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    how old is she

    mice are more interesting than fish but if she is too young she might kill it

    i have fish, rats and my friend has mice and my little cousin had a hamster. unfortunately my little cousin got it for a birthday gift from his aunt when he was too young and killed it by squeezing it too hard when he was hugging it. my fish tank is big so it is interesting cuz it has lots of life in it, but your sis sounds young so i don't think your going to get her a big tank so she will prob just get tired of it after a while since thats what little kids do. its the coolest thing for a few days but then the excitement wears off and she doesn't care about it. if she is too young to take care of it herself then don't get her a pet. a mouse needs the cage cleaned every week. my rats cage is big so i don't have to clean it as much, but i change the bedding every week and totally clean the cage every month. mice also need new water every 2 days and food whenever they run out unless they start getting fat then cut down to certain portions thru the day. fish should have their tank cleaned every week and if not they will stink. the food should be how much they will eat in 5 minutes twice a day or how much they will eat in 3 minutes 3 times a day.

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    Fish are much MUCH easier but would require an adult to help with changing the water. You would want to get hardy, easy fish that don't need a heater like goldfish. A single Siamese fighting fish (a Betta) is also easy to care for but they are solitary so you can't keep 2 males together. Fish, other than being fed don't require much daily care. This is a great first pet.

    Mice on the other hand, need to have the caged changed about once a week and they also need to be fed more, tamed, held, ect. They are also very fast and ca bite a young child who might accidental be too rough. I would not suggest mice as a first pet. They cost more, they need more care and there is always the biting issue. The also don't all live a long time and can easily escape and climb into the walls and furniture.

    I would suggest trying the fish first then maybe graduating to a bigger pet later. This depends too on the age of the child. If they are 5 or 6 then for sure a fish. If they are 8 or 9, perhaps a mouse or other animal would be ok.

    Source(s): Have had fish, mice, birds, hamsters, rats, horses, snakes, spiders, horses, ducks, etc, etc. Fish are the most easy pet to own. Trust me!
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    Most Fish Are Least Expensive But I Mean Wouldn't You Get Bored Staring At A Fish Tank Or Bowl And Just Feeding It When You Can I Don't Know Let The Mice Roam Around On The Floor Or Something Or Hold Etc Etc

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    Pets for Christmas is never a good idea.

    Mice will probably be cheaper and you don't have to cycle a cage before adding mice, you do have to cycle a tank. If the fish are dead before New Years Eve, it's a pretty naff present.

    As to looking after one being harder than the other, there's probably little difference other than what actually has to be done.

    The big question is which one is your sister most likely to want.

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    yes fish tanks are perfectly fine for mice as long as they are ventilated and are large enough. 14L doesnt sound very big to me, but somebody before said that it calculated to be about 3gallons which is much too small for 2 mice! each mouse should have at least 5gallons of their own space. and it is better to get a friend for your mouse because they are social creatures, so a 10gallon fish tank is the smallest size you would be looking at.

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    GIve her a fish... you only have to feed them and change their water every week or two...

    Mice REALLY stink, you have to clean their crap and stuff.

    Get a fish, there generally cheaper, depending on the type.

    I recommend Fighting Fish their really pretty and you don't need a really big tank.

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    better with mice there more simpler and wiht fish the water has to be a certian way depneding on fish but fishes are easyer to feed and mice u can hold etc

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    I don't know the age range of your lil sis, but I can't believe I'm gonna recommend a mouse, b/c I think their disease carrying, snake feed, but they are so much cheaper and low maintenance when compared to tropical fish, unless you're talking goldfish, first pet yeah get her a goldfish. Very durable low maintanence pet.

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    Pet mice...

    -children like it better

    -you can play with it (you can just LOOK at fishes)

    -it's not that hard to look after, just clean the cage for 10 minutes once a week

    -they're cuter and sweet(you can look at them forever!)


    Source(s): i have a pet mice its so great!
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    Fish, they are much easier to look after, they don't smell, their tank only has to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks, they don't make any noise and they are much prettier

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