should teens be tried and punished as adults?

should teens be tried and punished as adults?

im claiming yes - but i need some help in proving my points asap please

my 2 points are that

- age should not be a factor because teens very well know right from wrong

-if there is not a strong enough deterrence teens will continue to commit crimes knowing that they may get away with a less severe punishment because they are not adults.

i need help with a 3rd point!!!! please reply asap!!


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    I feel that teens now a days are not diciplined enough and get away with nothing more than a slap on the hands and sent on their merry little way to do worse.

    But i think that the punishment should fit the crime. If a teen commits an adult crime, pre mediated murder, rape, etc then they should be tried as an adult.

    it sounds like your argument is any crime

    How about... "It would be easier and (well delete easier) more consistant to judge or put on trial all people as adults." Therefore leading into your second point that teens will continue to commit crimes knowing they would be tried as teens.

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    1 decade ago

    I had already developed attitudes found in adults when I was a teenager. I knew what was right from wrong, I was sexually active in my early teens, I used drugs, I knew it when I did something wrong. Was it because of my upbringing? I hardly doubt it, I had a very religious mother. Was it because of my being bought up by a single parent? Probably, but I knew I was doing things that weren't right, I knew the consequences of my actions were going to be punished yet I did it any ways hoping that some judge will set precedence in disallowing teenagers to be tried as adults.

    Yet over the years this same attitude persists, at 28 I see young kids doing the same mistakes I did. Now those that resort to violent crimes and hope to hide behind the age wall should realize that Justice is blind. No matter how old or young a person is, the long reaching arms of the law will get to them. Justice has to be served, if not people will never learn.

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    Obviously. It's not like teens are stupid. Teens are at an age where they know a lot about the actions they can get away with and what not. Hell, one of he reasons teen crimes occur is because they know if they get cught, they won't be as punished as an adult would be. But then again, adults don't even get punished either. Any sort of crime should result in being hanged to death. Plain & simple. This way there is no risk of danger.

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    In many cases, the teen knows right from wrong and picks the wrong specifically as a form of rebellion. This should be discouraged, as the teen will soon be an adult, and as such must learn to handle adult responsibility.

    I would not, however, recommend the death penalty in any but the most heinous cases. Of course, I would not really recommend the death penalty ever, but that's about the only sentence I'd consider reducing for a teen. Assuming I was a judge, of course.

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    It depends on the crime.

    Some people DON'T know better. You need to really take into account their MENTAL age along with the physical. Their upbringing, so on and so forth.

    Remember that "right and wrong" mean different things to different people.

    I agree with the first answerer. If you do an adult crime (Breaking and entering, violence, rape, abuse, etc etc), you need to be tried as an adult.

    A teenager (I believe he was 17) murdered two people from my high school. He is, and rightfully should be, tried as an adult.

    I hope the sucker fries.

  • 3 years ago

    No way. little ones at the instant are not adults they have not got the existence reports of an grownup. They nevertheless dont understand lots approximately existence and the international, they could desire to be dealt with in a distinctive way, in basic terms like babies. people at the instant are not born criminals, despite the fact that some psych subject concerns could make a guy or woman delinquent and violent, it is generally the way they have been dealt with in existence and their social circumstances that produce criminals.

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    They are tried as kids because they are still under the supervision of the parents...

    But, I'd answers yes to your question if the kid is 16 and up

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    Just because a minor committed a crime, doesn't make the crime any less heinous.

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    1 decade ago

    if you do adult crime you do adult time`

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