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7 days Tokyo trips

First time to Japan. Two adults. Arrive at Tokyo at 1800 and leave Tokyo at 1630 at Day 8. Can you suggest an itinerary? I will be staying in Ikebukuro for 4 nights & Shinjuku for 3 nights.

I wanna go to the following places:

1. Disneyland

2. Hello Kitty Land/ Melody Land/ Runabout Land or Sanrio puroland ?!?!

3. Mt. Fuji. Which JR station? How long should I spend time over there? One day?

4. Some temples or shrine / old bldg. where would u suggest?

5. Shopping area, I want those local design, not branded. like flag market. where would u suggest?

Should I buy the JR ticket in advance? Should I buy the 7 days JR Pass?


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    it is supposed that when you arrive to Ikebukuro on the 1st day, most of the shops would be closed. But you could walk around 太陽城60通, there are some game center and 藥妝店. Also, you may try a famous ramen shop - 無敵家 as your dinner.

    I think it is better for you to visit Disneyland on weekdays. As I don't know the exact day, please insert Disneyland into the itinerary by yourselves.

    2. the official name for that amusement park is Sanrio puroland .

    3. You can take a highway bus from shinjuku to 河口湖, one of the popular viewing point of Mt. Fuji. There are some tourist attraction around 河口湖, like museum, amusement park (富士急樂園), and outlet park (御殿場OUTLET). Or you may visit the area around Mt. Fuji (guide), You could spend a day time on Mt. Fuji.

    4. One of the representing temples in Tokyo, is 淺草寺 in 淺草. Also, 明治神宮 in harajuku (原宿) is nice too. There are some Meji period buildings in Tokyo, like JR Tokyo Station, 築地本願寺, but they are western style building that I guess that's not what you mean. If you have time, you may travel to Kawagoe (川越) where 30mins from Ikebukuro, there are buildings in Edo period.

    5. Harajuku (原宿) area is famous for gathering a lots of local brands. Especially Oku-harajuku (裏原宿) area. You have to spend some time to look up door-to-door in order to find your ideal goods.

    Regarding Flea Market, usually there would have Flea market on Sunday in 吉祥寺、代代木公園etc., you may check it up here :

    It is unnessary for you to buy any JR PASS. You may buy Suica+N'EX package at the airport for a single ride from the airport to downtown, plus Suica card (like Octopus card in HK) with 1500yen in it.


    Day1 HK > Tokyo, airport > Ikebukuro Hotel by N'EX

    Day2 Disneyland (you may move it to any day)

    Day3 Kichijoji (吉祥寺) / Flea market (you may move it to any day)

    Day4 Asakusa (淺草), Ueno, Akihabara/Tokyo Tower

    Day5 Kawagoe, Shinjuku (change hotel)

    Day6 Mt. Fuji

    Day7 Sanrio puroland, Harajuku&Aoyama area

    Day8 Shinjuku, Shinjuku > airport

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