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我想問咩叫” IVY 既 u hd”?

我想問咩叫" IVY 既 u hd"?


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    Ivy, common name for any of a genus of woody vines of the ginseng family. The genus is native to temperate regions of the eastern hemisphere. Ivy plants produce two kinds of leaves during the climbing phase. The leaves have three to five distinct lobes, but during the flowering stage they usually have three indistinct lobes or may even be lobeless. The flowers, borne in terminal umbels, have a five-parted calyx, five-parted corolla, five stamens, and a single pistil. The fruit is a smooth berry that contains a poisonous glucoside. The plant's adventitious rootlets attach to trees or bare walls.

    The English ivy is commonly cultivated in Europe and North America in gardens, where it is trained to cover masonry walls of buildings. It has small leaves that are usually dark green. The African ivy, or Algerian ivy, native to the coast and islands of northwestern Africa, produces large, pale green, lobed leaves. The Asian ivy bears dark-green leaves that are usually faintly lobed or entirely lobeless. Easily cultivable from cuttings, ivy protects the walls on which it is grown from the corrosive effects of weathering. Ivy has no destructive effect on stone or brick walls except when rootlets are established in fissures.

    Several plants of the grape family are commonly called ivy. The American ivy, or Virginia creeper, and the Boston ivy, or Japanese ivy, are shrubby climbers that cling to tendrils. American ivy has long-petioled leaves composed of five leaflets; Boston ivy has three-lobed leaves. Both species grow readily from cuttings.

    Ground ivy is a small, creeping member of the mint family. Poison ivy belongs to the cashew family.

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