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是分組的小短劇 1組2人...

所以有20組 ...

時間不用很長 大約3分鐘左右


簡單就好 ...

但是希望有一些小笑點 ...(沒有也沒關係)

題目如題 就是老朋友相見

遇到會說的話 ...

就是在Hello跟Long time no see 後面接下來的...

希望能多多幫忙 ...


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    Meeting old friends 老友重逢

    Many people shake hands when meeting after they havn't seen each other for a long time.

    A: Hi! It's been a long time not seeing you around.

    B: hello there. It's nice to see you again.

    A:Have you moved or something?

    B:No, I've been away on vacation.

    A: That's nice. Where did you go?

    B: I went to visit my brother.

    A: So how's he going? Still living in Seattle?

    B: Yeah, still in Seattle. He just got married last month.

    A: Wow! Congratulations to him!

    B: Thanks. And you know the bride too.

    A: Really? Who is she?

    B: It's Anna.

    A: No kidding! The Anna from our high school?

    B: Exactly.

    A: She was such a quiet and shy girl, but your brother is way too outgoing and talkative.

    B: Well, she has changed a lot these years.

    A: Tell me!

    B: She's not a shy girl anymore. She becomes friendly and very pretty.

    A: Hey, you know what? We should really have a reunion some time.

    B: That's a good idea. Maybe in Christmas holidays. How do you think?

    A: That's great!

    B: We'll keep in touch!

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